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14 Cute Items to Protect Your Baby at the Beach This Summer

Design: theSkimm | Photos: RuffleButts
Jul 14, 2022

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By now, you know how to stock your beach bag for a day in the sun — sunscreen, a hat to shade your face, and other summer essentials are a must. But when it comes to your baby, you’re a bit more cautious. What sunscreens are safe for their skin? Where can you find tiny shades that'll be secure on them?

We’ve found everything you need to protect them while they roll in the sand or splash in the water. But don’t worry, each product is guaranteed to be cute. Not as cute as your little one, of course, but what could be?

A hooded one-piece jumpsuit for complete coverage…

This jumpsuit zips up easily, has a snap-close bottom for easy diaper access, and is made of chlorine- and saltwater-resistant fabric. It even has a hood to protect their head and neck. It’s stretchy and durable, and has UPF 50+ protection. It comes in three nautical patterns and a range of sizes, depending on their age. ($34.99+, Amazon)

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A one-piece swimsuit that allows them to kick freely…

For active movers who prefer to have their legs free, try this zip-up one-piece with UPF 50+ protection. It has snap closures and seams that lie flat to prevent chafing between the legs. It’s also machine-washable and comes in the cutest strawberry print, as well as three other colors. ($17.54+, Amazon)

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A bucket hat for a matching-with-mommy moment…

Let’s be honest, bucket hats were made for babies. But now that you’ve likely grabbed your own, it would make the cutest photo op. This one will block out harmful UV rays as they splash around, staying securely fastened by the under-chin strap. It’s also easily packable in your beach bag and comes in six colors. ($26.10, Amazon)

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A pair of polarized baby sunglasses to protect delicate eyes…

These are polarized to reduce glare from the water, and have a head strap and ear adjusters for the perfect secure fit. The plastic is BPA-free, soft, and flexible so they’re comfortable for all-day wear. They come in several fun colors, like pink glitter and bright yellow. Who doesn’t love to see a baby in sunglasses? ($23.99, Amazon)

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A rash guard set they can wear separately…

For protection that’s easily removable, just slip this long-sleeve rash guard onto them. It snaps at the neck so there won’t be any fits as you’re pulling it over their head. It has the same breathable, stretchy, UPF 50+ protecting fabric, just with non-attached bottoms. ($40.50, Amazon)

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A life jacket for your soon-to-be boater…

Made out of soft neoprene, this life jacket has an oversized head support that will keep your baby floating face-up and will prevent them from rolling over. It also fastens under their legs and has a grab handle so you can easily scoop them out of the water if a wave comes. Just be aware, it’s designed for babies less than 30 pounds. ($44.99, Amazon)

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A pop-up tent with a pool in the middle…

The tent will protect them from harmful rays, while the middle can be filled with water to bring the ocean to them. It comes with a storage bag and pops up on its own, no assembly required. Customers say it’s a great place for your baby to nap if you decide not to fill up the middle. ($39.99, Amazon)

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A pair of aqua socks to protect tiny feet…

If they are going to splash around in the ocean, you’ll want to make sure they don’t step on shells or rough sand. These socks are lightweight and breathable enough to be comfortable all day. They have a nonslip rubber sole that’ll keep sharp objects out as they kick and splash. They also come in a ton of patterns, with the octopus being our favorite. ($6.99+, Amazon)

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An umbrella-style canopy you can use anywhere…

Just pop open this 8-foot umbrella, and you’ve got UPF 50+ protection for the whole family. It has windows that can unzipper to allow for better airflow, and is water-repellent for unpredictable summer showers. It’s great for the beach but can also be used at the park or soccer field. ($89.19+, Amazon)

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The perfect stroller–wagon combo...

A bit pricey, sure, but this stroller-wagon hybrid can support your baby until they’re up to 5 years old. It has two built-in harnessed seats with ventilation, so they can ride comfortably. It also has a removable snack tray with cup holders so they can munch on the go. Plus, the tires are all-terrain, which make it great for pushing or pulling to the beach or park. Customers love that it comes fully assembled (you just have to attach the wheels) and folds up when you’re done using it. ($699, REI)

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A mineral sunscreen specifically designed for sensitive skin…

You’ll want to use a sunscreen with high SPF protection, but one that's safe enough for the most delicate skin. This one is fragrance-free, nontoxic, and made with sugarcane-derived squalane, which nourishes skin and helps it absorb easily. You’ll even find yourself grabbing this one to use on your skin as well. ($11.97+, Amazon)

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An Australian sunscreen recommended by pediatricians…

This one is free from toxins, chemicals, or fragrances, and is water- and sweat-resistant. Plus, the bottle turns pink when harmful UV rays hit it, so it’s a constant reminder to reapply. ($14.98, Amazon)

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A towel that turns them into a teddy bear…

This super-absorbent and fluffy towel turns into a poncho when you fasten the snaps on either side. Pull up the hood to give them adorable teddy bear ears. Use this to dry them off, then let them wear it as they grow. Does it get any cuter? ($71.20, Maisonette)

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A one-piece swimsuit with ruffles…

Yes, it does get cuter. This UPF 50+ sun protective long-sleeve rash guard has a row of little ruffles on the butt. It comes in sizes 0-3 months to 3T, and in several bright patterns, including “Fab Flamingo.” Mic drop. ($9.98, RuffleButts)

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