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20 Sentimental Valentine's Day Gifts That'll Make Them Say 'Aw'

the best sentimental valentine's day gifts
Design: Diana Chau Hu | Photos: Minted, Etsy
Jan 17, 2023

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We love celebrating love. And while you can technically celebrate love every day of the year, why not put a little emphasis on it come February 14? Going out of your way to do something extra for a special person in your life can spike that serotonin and bring some fuzzy feelings to the table. Count us in. To make sure your Valentine’s Day stays low pressure, we rounded up some sentimental and thoughtful gifts your partner will truly adore.

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An adorable personalized family portrait that will bring out their animated side… 

Who wouldn’t love being turned into a cartoon? This designer creates custom illustrated family portraits featuring up to 15 people and pets. It’s a fun way to capture a wedding, a growing family, or just the cartoon lover in your life. Seriously, they’ve never looked this cute. ($12+, discoveringyou via Etsy)

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A custom adventure map that’ll celebrate your travels together... 

For the partner you love to explore with, this mountain crafted out of maps honors your favorite places and neatly ties five cities together to make one memorable art piece. Available unframed and in multiple sizes, you can pick the cities of your most recent vacations, or choose ones symbolic of big events (where you met, where you grew up together, etc.). Whatever the locations, highlighting them in this special way is sure to induce some awws and oohs. ($60+, AGierDesign via Etsy)

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A book so you can record exactly what you love about your partner…

With fill-in-the-blank sections, you’ll be able to totally personalize this little book to be all about your beloved. Consider it a keepsake they’ll want to read over and over again. How sweet. ($9.95, Amazon)

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A memory jar that’ll act as a time capsule for the two of you…

Drop in love notes, concert tickets, small photos, and really anything else you’ve been saving from trips away together. Then after a while, you’ll be able to open the jar and look back at all the wonderful things you’ve experienced together. ($27.48, Amazon)

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A create-your-own reel viewer that’s like a walk down memory lane… 

Nostalgia is knocking. And now you and your S.O. can play with a fave childhood toy that’s filled with photos you’ve chosen yourself. One viewer comes with seven photos. For those who have a hard time narrowing down their most-wanted snaps, you can purchase additional reels, too. ($16.95+, Uncommon Goods)

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And for more of our favorite Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day gifts from Uncommon Goods, shop here.

Carved coasters engraved with your initials and anniversary…

So you can get rid of water rings in your apartment and have something sentimental double as home decor. Next time you plan a dinner for two, you’ll be able to set the table with these, and ain’t that adorable. Cheers to you both. ($68, Uncommon Goods)

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A LEGO flower bouquet that’s playful and unique…

Live flowers wilt in under a week, but LEGO flowers last forever. The different shapes and vibrant colors will make for a conversation-starter centerpiece. They’re like a little snapshot of time: Since your partner will have ‘em for years to come, they’ll always be able to remember the exact Valentine’s Day when they were gifted. If you’ve got a LEGO lover in your life, these are surely the perfect option. Just putting them together will be a fun activity for the two of you. ($47.99, Amazon)

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A customized puzzle for Friday nights spent inside…

If you’re a games-and-puzzles type of couple, stocking your closet with some faves is a must. This puzzle will surely beat out any ol’ landscape or ocean scene. Now they’ll have one of their smiling face. And how can they say no to that? It’s got 252 pieces in total and you can upload three photos. Psst…check out more puzzles here. ($42, Minted)

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A mini photo calendar that’ll brighten up their desk…

Every time they hit that afternoon slump, they’ll glance over to this cal and feel an instant morale boost. The stand is sustainably handcrafted from reclaimed walnut wood and has a brass-coated clip to hold each month’s page. Twelve photos of your adventures together? Yes, please. ($35+, Artifact Uprising)

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A photo statuette so you can freeze moments in time…

Prepare yourself, because your partner will freak out after receiving the cutest statuette of your little one. Think about all the possibilities: from your kiddos dancing to them outside playing in the backyard — any fun activity could turn into the most adorable decor item. You can choose between one that’s 5 inches by 7 inches, or 8 inches by 10 inches. The background will be removed and the remaining image will be mounted on a small black acrylic base. ($19.99+, Mpix)

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A handcrafted, personalized collection of reasons why you love them…

Maybe you’re not the type to whip out a long and romantic love letter, but these little chips should do the trick. You can choose from over 50 different options, from mushy sayings to little jokes. Your valentine will receive the dozen heart-shaped chips in a container with your names. Yup, they’re about to feel all the feels. ($45, Uncommon Goods)

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Scratch-off coupons your partner can use when the time calls…

You’ll receive blank cards to fill in. Once you’ve decided what each coupon is for, you can cover the messages with the scratch-off sticker. So whether it be a home-cooked meal or back massage, your partner will be able to cash in and get the reward. The anticipation will mount as they select which one to pull from the pile. PS: The coupons come in a pack of six or 12. ($7+, PaprikaPaperie via Etsy)

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A constellation print that shows the night sky of a certain day and location…

Maybe it’s a memorable date or the day you got engaged. The print will showcase the constellations that were overhead, plus your names, the date, and a saying. You can get really emosh with this one, so prepare for some waterworks. ($55+, Amazon)

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An engraved leather belt that’ll always have them thinking of you…

First you’ll select the color and length, and then your engraved message. If you want a custom font, you can also submit that via message. When they get dressed in the morning, no doubt they’ll always wanna reach for this. It’ll carry a sentimental note they can read during the day. ($22.45+, HaayPersonalized via Etsy)

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A scratch-off poster with lots of great date ideas…

Sometimes the ol’ movie-and-takeout gets a bit tiring. This poster has a wide range of options — from lazy at-home ideas to more adventurous activities. As you complete ’em, you’ll be able to watch the poster fill up together. And the more you do, the more memories you’ll create. It’ll provide the inspo to think outside the box more often. Easy peasy. ($17.99, Amazon)

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A cuddle-time candle that smells like gardenias…

One thing that always makes movie nights better? A couple candles lit to set the calming mood. This one is nontoxic and safe for animals, so your beloved pet can join in too. It’s pesticide-, paraffin-, and petroleum-free, with a 40-hour burn time. The entire fam on the couch, snuggling? Sounds like the perfect evening. ($25, Companion Candles)

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An art print that’s all about your love connection…

Or rather intersection. One street sign has your name, while the other has theirs. The two dates can signify what year you met and got married. We’re all about the tad cheesy but super-cute way to display going from an ‘I’ to a ‘we.’ PSA: This is a made-to-order item, so order it fast — it’ll take some time to ship to you. ($75+, Uncommon Goods)

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A journal packed with questions for couples…

While it’s fun to watch TV together, there are lots of other ways to spend quality time too. This guide takes you through questions that are meant to spark conversation and encourage exploration. You’ll get to learn more about each other while discussing passions, dreams, and more. Get ready to open up…it’s about to get interesting. ($10.99+, Amazon)

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A wooden box for sending digital love notes…

Gift them this cute little wooden box to sit on their nightstand or desk, and when you send a message with the app, the red heart will spin like crazy until they open the box and read your message. The black and white version allows you to send emojis, while with the colored, you can send photos as well. Loves it. ($100+, Uncommon Goods)

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A box of date ideas to get you out of your comfort zone…

Spice up date night with this box filled with fun suggestions. It’s got one for each day of the year, so theoretically you could do one every night (props) or you can span them over a few years. With categories like “staying at home” and “having a day out,” you’re sure to find ones that suit your style. ($37.12+, AYearofDates via Etsy)

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