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Skimm Faves: August’s Bestselling Homeware, Accessories, and More

August Skimm Faves
Design: theSkimm | Photos: Zenni, Amazon, Etsy
Sep 1, 2022

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Fall is practically knocking at our door. So as we say ‘see ya’ to summer, it’s time to take a look back at your faves from August. From decor and things that’ll help make your home feel more organized to accessories that’ll elevate your closet, we rounded up all the items Skimm'rs added to cart the most these past few weeks.

Plus, for some of our absolute must-haves — from problem-solving products to some of our go-to reads — check out our top Amazon picks. We’ve got anything and everything you need to live your best life and shop a bit smarter. Let’s get to it…

A dainty metal hair claw for an elevated updo…

This two-piece set comes with a silver and gold clip that shouldn’t fade easily. It’s got a nonslip grip and rounded claws that minimize snags and breakage. Customers say it can even hold thick, waist-length hair in place all day with no adjustments or headaches. Hair for it. ($15.66/2 pack, Amazon)

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A strapless bra made for AA, A, and B cup sizes…

Finding a comfortable strapless bra that fits you right just got a whole lot easier. This one from Pepper does just that and even comes with convertible multiway straps for added versatility. It’ll lift your babes. Plus, it works with any outfit for every occasion. Finding the perfect bra = priceless. PS: Skimm HQ’rs tested this one for ourselves, so check out our full review. ($60, Pepper)

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A laptop cleaner for all those fingerprints and crumbs your computer collects…

The microfiber pad removes icky prints and smudges from the screen, while the soft brush sweeps away any dirt and leftover crumbs from your most recent snack. When not in use, you can pop the cover over the pad and retract the brush so both stay clean and protected in your desk drawer. Midnight munch while you’re writing a paper? No one will ever know. ($11.95, Amazon)

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Fruit- and veg-packed food that’s actually easy to prep…

Because eating healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle. Daily Harvest’s delicious food is made with sustainably sourced, farm-to-frozen fruits and vegetables. From smoothies and Harvest Bowls to soups and flatbreads, they’ve got something for every mood, taste, and time of day. And they’ll ship it alllll right to your door. So eating better becomes effortless. Oh, and Skimm’rs can use skimm2022 for up to $40 off. Health yeah. ($5.99+, Daily Harvest)*

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UV protective eyeglass frames you can try virtually before you buy…

Zenni will walk you through your ideal frame size and rec the best lenses for your prescription and pupillary distance (aka the distance between the centers of your pupils). Plus, their glasses start as low as $6.95. We love this clear pair for its chic versatility. It comes in four other colorways and even has an anti-scratch coating. Psst…take advantage of the shop by categories feature, where you can choose frames based on face shape, frame shape, and color. ($6.95+, Zenni)

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Dishwasher attachments so your wineglasses stay securely in place…

No more worrying that one of your favorite stemmed glasses will break during a rinse cycle. These little attachments solve an annoying issue, keeping the glasses sturdy as your dishwasher runs. No tipping or toppling over. The tiny attachments are made of silicone so they won’t warp in hot water. ($15/set of 4, Amazon)

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A personalized straw basket that’ll make the perfect bridesmaid gift…

No matter how many bags they own, everyone loves an adorable straw tote with their name on it. And it’s especially appropriate if you’ll be jetting off to a tropical location for your bachelorette. Each one is handwoven in Marrakech and supports a small business. Psst…check out even more bridesmaid gift ideas here. ($9.20, Bohemiamarrakech via Etsy)

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Garbage-disposal tablets that’ll keep yours smelling fresh…

When you’ve got odors wafting out, making your kitchen smell less than ideal, drop one of these in. Just keep the hot water running on low, toss in a tablet, turn on the disposal for 30 seconds, and watch as foam rises. You can do it monthly to make sure there’s no leftover grime, oil, and, and grease sitting in a place where you can’t see it. ($9.49/9 pack Amazon)

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A cult-fave SPF for anyone who hates the feel of sunscreen…

Just because summer’s winding down doesn’t mean you should skimp on the protection. This dual face and body option from La Roche-Posay is oil-free, fragrance-free, and water resistant. The broad spectrum cream works for all skin types (sensitive skin included), and won’t leave you feeling greasy. It’s fast-absorbing, noncomedogenic, and available in two size options. ($24.99+, Amazon)

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Double-sided tape for rugs that curl…

Sometimes no matter how long you leave that stack of books down, the corner of your rug will refuse to lie flat. The next time this happens, break out this heavy-duty tape you can rip with your hands. It won’t damage your floors, and it works on concrete, tile, wood, and laminate. If you’re looking for another option, we also rec these V-shaped pieces that’ll grip the rug and prevent slipping and sliding. ($11.99+, Amazon)

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Handmade glass tile coasters to spice up your living room…

And avoid water stains on your furniture. These are thick, durable, and come in nine different color combinations (we love the monochrome options). They’ve also got little pads on the bottom to help prevent table scratches — and make for a great housewarming gift. Psst…these can handle high temps, so you can use ’em for your hottest bevs. ($18/each, SubtleArtStudios via Etsy)

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A tech organizer that’ll make finding your charger so much more manageable...

No more digging around in your bag here. This one has a two-way zipper that allows for quick access and will prevent those frustrating ‘oh no, all my cords are tangled’ moments. It comes in three different colors and has dedicated spots for an SD card, mouse, and hard drive, so your precious cargo will be safe and sound. Your trip to the coffee shop just got so much more organized. ($18.99, Amazon)

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A rechargeable flashlight that doubles as a night-light…

So you can be prepared for that random power outage or late-night trip to the bathroom. This compact flashlight is always ready to use. It charges while it’s plugged in and brightens your space. Its LED light is four times brighter than standard LED technology, and illuminates objects up to 30 meters away. Plus, the outlet prongs are retractable, so you can hold it comfortably. Say goodbye to tripping over what’s already behind you. ($14.78, Amazon)

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A textured pouf to place in front of a couch…

If you don’t have enough room for a bigger ottoman, a pouf is a great substitute. You’ll have a place to rest your feet and extra seating for guests. This one is made from a blend of cotton and wool for durability and softness. It’s also available in various textures and colors, from pink and orange to black and white. ($65, Target)

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Organization bins for your fridge and pantry…

There’s one for reusable water bottles and condiment bottles. Instead of having items strewn about, you’ll be able to gather things, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for when the time comes. ($23.99/2 pack, Amazon)

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A delicate macrame hanging that’ll provide your walls with some texture…

If your current framed-artwork situation is a bit yawn-inducing, we know how to spice it up. Add this macrame piece to a gallery wall to mix media and zhuzh up your layout. You won’t regret it. ($28+, The Twisted Thread Co. via Etsy)

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A shoe cleaner that’ll keep your sneaks squeaky-clean…

Keeping your favorite pair sparkling has never been easier. Add four drops of this concentrate to about a quart of water and use the included brush to scrub away. It cleans a wide array of fabrics but we recommend testing a small area first for the best results. Psst: Check out our full review of the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner for more info — and a video of the results. ($18.97+, Amazon)

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A tissue cover that’s also a catchall…

Consider this genius. This tissue cover flips the box on its side and reserves the top as a place to put your everyday jewelry, hair ties, lip balms, and more. It comes in a cute blush color and works just as well on your nightstand or desk. Gonna need one in every bathroom stat. ($9.99, Amazon)

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