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Skimm Faves: September’s Bestselling Clothing, Shapewear, and More

September 2022 Skimm Faves
Design: theSkimm | Photo: ThirdLove, J.Crew, Amazon
Oct 3, 2022

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The crispy, breezy autumn weather is finally here. So as we say ‘hey, what’s up, hello’ to fall, it’s time to take a look back at your faves from September. From clothes and shapewear that make getting dressed for work easier to deskside tools that’ll help you stay productive, we rounded up all the items Skimm'rs added to cart the most these past few weeks.

Plus, for some of our absolute must-haves — from problem-solving products to some of our go-to reads — check out our top Amazon picks. We’ve got anything and everything you need to live your best life and shop a bit smarter. Let’s get to it…

A sweater-blazer that’ll help you feel cozy but look professional…

If you want to keep things comfy without dressing down, this sweater-blazer is your answer. It’s made from a lightweight cotton blend, so you can wear it on its own or layer it under another jacket during your commute when it’s even colder outside. It’s also got two front patch pockets to slip your hands into. ($158, J.Crew)

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Sparkly gel pens that’ll spice up WFH life…

Taking yourself back to middle school with the nostalgia of gel pens? It’s a yes from us. This glittery set comes with 10 fun colors. It’s the perfect way to add flair to your daily lists and notes. Buy ‘em write away. ($11.99, Amazon)

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A shampoo and conditioner set that banishes flakes for good…

Your scalp always deserves a little TLC. This shampoo is made with zinc pyrithione that gently treats dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis (a condition that causes red, scaly patches) but without the use of sulfates, parabens or dyes. It also has squalane and coconut oil to soothe and hydrate. The conditioner is packed with superstar ingredients like green tea and colloidal oatmeal. Bonus: They both smell delightful with essential oils like mint, vanilla, and lavender. Your old drug store brand could never. ($48, Jupiter)

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Smart shorts that’ll do perfect kegels for you…

So you can stop peeing a little whenever you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. After 12 weeks with this FDA-cleared, non-invasive exerciser, you’ll be saying ‘hi’ to a stronger pelvic floor and ‘bye’ to bladder leaks. And isn’t that the dream? PS: Skimm’rs get $100 off. ($499,INNOVO)*

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A lightweight blazer that’s the perfect layering piece…

This one from Uniqlo slips on like a cardigan but has the structure of a blazer. It’s sleek, yet has a relaxed fit through the body to maximize comfort. Wear it to the office for a sophisticated look or layer it over a sundress for a more casual vibe. And the best part? It’s under $100. Your wallet just called. It says ‘TYSM.’ Psst...reviewers recommend sizing down. ($79.90, Uniqlo)

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A veggie chopper that’ll make meal prep quick and easy…

Trying to get a handle on potatoes or onions can be tough. To keep all your fingers intact, reach for a chopping bin instead. This one has eight blades: three for chopping and five for slicing, julienne, grating, and shredding. The cut pieces will fall into the bin below, which means less mess on your counters. As an added bonus, everything will be uniform, so you won’t run into that one piece of garlic that you couldn’t hold still to cut. ($29.97, Amazon)

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An award-winning body scrub that’ll make you think you’re at the spa…

Even when you’re in the shower. This Allure Best of Beauty winner uses a nourishing blend of squalane, sugar crystals, and pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate, hydrate, and protect skin. And the proof is in the pudding, err, body scrub. 100% of users say it brightened their skin and reduced the appearance of bumps, texture, and flakiness. Glow for it. ($28, Biossance)*

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A booty-lifting power short that’ll provide extra support…

Actual magic, coming right up. This pair from Honeylove has flexible boning on the sides (to prevent it from rolling down), varied levels of compression to keep things comfy but supported, and a band that shapes and lifts your thighs and booty. Other features we love? They’re sweat-wicking, bathroom-friendly, and come in brief or thong options if you prefer that style instead of a short. Once you try these, you won’t go back. ($89, Honeylove)

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A tub pillow that’ll bring all the spa vibes to your bathroom…

It’s got 2 inches of ultra-thick padding for your head and neck and it can fit almost any tub — standard, claw, or Jacuzzi. Seven suction cups keep it in place and also make it easy to move and reposition. Plus, its waterproof material makes it fast-drying and simple to clean. Snag it in any of the six colors and check out the larger version that comes with a back panel as well. Want to up the ante? Grab this bamboo bath tray while you’re at it and light a candle. Ultimate relaxation: unlocked. ($9.99+, Amazon)

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Size-inclusive jeans that range from 00 to 26W…

This pair from Target is made with a sculpting, high-rise waist and has a chic, vintage feel at a great price point. And if ya love ’em, you can pick up a pair in light blue, dark blue, and off-white. Plus, they’re under $40. Cha-ching. ($34.99+, Target)

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Plant-based fava bean munchies that’ll satisfy a potato chip craving…

These 100-calorie packs are great for throwing on salads for some extra crunch — or just eating straight out of the bag while you’re on the go. They’ve got 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of sugar per serving. Consider your ‘I want something crunchy’ craving fulfilled. ($23.96/pack of 24, Amazon)

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A mini desktop vacuum cleaner for leftover lunch crumbs on your table…

Stop wiping them onto the floor. Now with just a quick pass or two, you’ll have a clean kitchen table or desk. Pro tip: Keep one in your car to use on seats. Quick and easy. Psst…check out our full review on this and other TikTok gadgets. ($15.98, Amazon)

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A travel-friendly pet food storage bag…

This washable food-grade bag holds about 14 cups of kibble. It’s BPA-free, folds down flat, and is even machine washable. We recommend keeping it in your car for anytime your furry friend could use a post-walk snack. Plus, it has a secure hook and loop closure so everything will stay in place. Because you’re the best pet parent around. Love. ($15.99, Amazon)

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Everlane glove boots for a sleek and sophisticated look…

So you can feel chic at all times. Under trousers, over tights, with jeans — these are super versatile and a solid addition to your shoe closet. With just the right amount of stretch to maximize comfort, these ribbed, sock-like boots are great for anyone who has to be on their feet during the day but still wants to dress it up with a heel. Each one is made from nine plastic bottles, so you can do good for the planet while you look your best at work. They come in black, toffee, and bone (think: off-white) — and hey, no one will notice if you happen to scoop up all three. ($130, Everlane)

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A lightweight notepad to help with your crazy schedule…

This one’s great for everyone in your life (kiddos included). Sometimes you just want to be able to visualize your daily tasks and schedule with good ol’-fashioned pen and paper. Because there’s nothing like crossing off a task once it’s completed. Each page = a new day broken down by the hour. Get her done. ($18, Amazon)

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A leather cleaner to keep your car seats looking like new…

Easily remove dirt, oil, and stains from your leather seats with this nontoxic, natural cleaner. There’s no need to mix it with anything else, just apply with a cloth, wipe away the excess, and let the seats dry. You can also use it on faux-leather and beyond the car on items like handbags, shoes, and jackets. ($16.99+, Amazon)

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A classic T-shirt bra with more than 48,000 reviews…

For real. This one from ThirdLove has memory foam cups that’ll form to your body and give you a smooth shape no matter what you’re wearing. This brand is known for its inclusive size offerings. They used more than a million measurements from women to come up with 80 sizes, including half-cup sizes. New favorite bra, coming right up. Psst...use code SKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase. ($72, ThirdLove)

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A versatile drop-waist dress that elongates your torso…

If you’re looking to appear a bit longer, opt for something with a drop waist. This button-front piece comes in short-sleeved and sleeveless versions in 21 different colors. Plus, it’s transitional: Swap sandals for a cardigan and add leggings once the temps start to dip. Throw it on and go. ($27.98+, Amazon)

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A handy solution that will make ingrowns a thing of the past…

We were skeptical at first, but once we started using this tiny exfoliating mitt paired with the ingrown concentrate, we noticed considerably less irritation after shaving and even fewer ingrown hairs over time. It’s because it’s formulated with tea tree oil that has antimicrobial properties. You can use it anywhere you shave, from underarms to legs. Obsessed. ($27.20, Nordstrom)

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