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Smart Things to Buy Now That'll Save You Money Later

products that will help you save money later
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Sep 20, 2022

This post was originally published in January 2021 and has been updated.

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So you made a personal resolution to save money. But you’re still not really sure how. Have no fear — there are many ways to bulk up your savings account. One way you can do that: by spending smarter. Constantly buying makeup wipes? Not anymore. What about tampons? Next. Get ready for some products that’ll do the saving for you. So you have extra dollars in your wallet later.

A budget planner to help you track your spending…

Stay on top of your hard-earned cash with monthly spreads that’ll help you record things like income, rent, utilities, and groceries. No more surprise gasps when you open a credit card bill or check your savings account. ($12.74+, Amazon)

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A heavy-duty rolling tote to make lugging your groceries around easier…

Let’s face it. Paying for grocery delivery services can add up. So instead of splurging by having someone else to do your shopping and transporting, buy this bag and do it yourself. The Hulken tote sits on top of wheels, which makes transporting your items super easy. It can carry up to 66 pounds of stuff and comes with three sturdy handles — two that let you carry the tote over your shoulder, and one bigger one that lets you roll it like a suitcase along the floor. Plus, it folds completely flat for easy storage. You can also use it for farmer’s market runs, laundry days you name it. It’s totally worth the investment. Add to cart ASAP. ($69.99+, Amazon)

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A reusable cloth that’ll wipe away makeup with just water...

It’s soft, won’t irritate sensitive skin, and will end your consistent purchases of single-use packaged wipes. The trick is in the fabric. All you’ve got to do is add water. And once your face is clean, you can toss it in the laundry. Looking to update your beauty cabinet? Check out these must-haves under $35. ($13.36+, Amazon)

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Dry shampoo so you can increase the lifespan of your blowouts…

Not to mention saving big time on hair products. This cult-fave dry shampoo from Living Proof has a triple-action cleaning technology that’ll keep your hair looking, smelling, and feeling fresh. So your at-home styling lasts longer and you don’t have to spend on salon blowouts as much. The formula is silicone free, and is safe for color and chemically-treated hair. Keep it in your bag for commercial-ready hair at all times. ($26, HSN)

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A nonstick pan that can truly do everything…

Forget having to buy an endless amount of pots and pans. You can use it to fry, saute, steam, braise, sear, and boil. So whether you’re making an omelet in the morning or a sauce at night, this pan will become your go-to. Oh, it also comes with a beechwood spatula that sits on top of the handle. And a nesting steamer basket and colander. Psst...we’ve used this pan so many times and love how easy it is to clean. Leftover oils and juices slide right off. ($145, Our Place)

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An energy-saving LED light bulb that only uses 23 watts…

But (and there’s a good but), it’s equivalent to 100 watts. So you get a light bulb that’s similar to natural sunlight, but won’t run up your energy bill. It’s also dimmable. So your eyes can rest easy at night. ($22.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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A personalized teeth-whitening kit so you can stop buying pricey strips…

Start out by taking a quiz about your teeth’s sensitivity, your brushing habits, and diet. Based on your answers, a custom formula will be created that’s fast-acting, effective, and won’t cause insane sensitivity. The kit will come with your gel formula and a mouthpiece. Follow the steps and watch your teeth brighten in as little as six days. Psst...many Skimm HQ’rs have used this kit and swear by it. ($19, Laughland)

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A blow-dryer brush that’ll give you salon-like blowouts…

But at a fraction of the cost. And no, you don’t have to be an expert to use it. It features three heat and speed settings, plus a cool option for styling. The oval design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Going to the salon less = money saved. Hello, good hair days. ($32.35, Amazon)

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Period underwear with a range of nude shades and color options…

Spending so much on pads and tampons? Over it. If you think you need to sacrifice feeling cute and confident during your period, you haven’t met Knix period underwear. This underwear is absorbent, leakproof and washable. Wear it as backup in addition to your pads and tampons or wear them on their own. To clean, just throw them in the wash on a low, cold cycle with mild detergent. In addition to nude shades for a range of skin tones, their underwear is available in tons of vibrant colors and patterns — plus lacy bikini, boy short, and thong options. The brand also offers overnight reusable pads that can absorb as much as 20 (yes, 20) tampons’ worth. Bless. ($28, Knix)

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A set of containers that’ll keep your produce fresh for longer than a few days…

Seriously. Lettuce won’t wilt. Blueberries won’t mold. These containers regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide flow, so they keep your precious produce from spoiling. Plus, the built-in filter never needs to be replaced. For the best results, don’t wash your produce before adding it to the containers. Psst...if you wanna really upgrade your fridge and organize everything, check out our guide on the best fridge storage products. ($28.49/set of three, Amazon)

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A mini spatula set to get every drop out of makeup bottles…

If you’ve ever owned a bottle of foundation, you know how frustrating it is to see so much go to waste. Enter these mini spatulas. They’re designed to expertly fit in the nooks and crannies of small bottles. So you don’t have to throw away a bottle that still has so much product left. Bless. ($9.99/8 pack, Amazon)

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Reusable Swedish dishcloths so you can say ‘ta ta’ to constantly buying bulky paper products…

Single-use towels? We don’t know her. You can use these cellulose cloths all around the house since they’re incredibly absorbent and fast-drying. One can last up to 12 weeks and around 200 washes before being composted. Customers rave about how easy they are to use and their quick-drying nature. Say ‘goodbye’ to an overpriced essential and ‘hello’ to saving money and the planet. ($15.95+/10 pack, Amazon)

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A SodaStream that’ll give you sparkling water at the press of a button…

Instead of buying bottles (or cans) every week, invest in a SodaStream. Thanks to the carbonating cylinder, you’ll be able to turn regular water into fizzy water in just a few seconds. You can even add different flavors like lemon, watermelon or cola. Give your wallet (and recycling bin) a break. ($99.99, Amazon)

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A silicone baking mat…

So you never have to worry about being out of aluminum or parchment paper. Or deal with constantly having to repurchase it. Plus, it’s nonstick, which makes it really easy to clean. Not to mention it’s way better for the environment too. Win, win, and win. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A shoe cleaner that’ll restore dirty, beat-up shoes to a sparkling-clean version of themselves…

Just add four drops of this concentrate to about a quart of water and use the included brush to scrub away. It cleans a wide array of fabrics and instead of having to buy a new pair every few months, you can just sparkle up an old pair. Psst: Check out our full review of the Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner for more info — and a video of the results. ($19.97+, Amazon)

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A Ninja Foodi that combines nine functions into one handy kitchen appliance…

It can pressure cook, air fry and crisp, steam, slow cook, bake and roast, sear and saute, broil, dehydrate, and make yogurt. So you don’t need more than one appliance hogging counter space. Get ready to feed the whole family. ($164.99, Amazon)

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A cold brew maker if you insist on having a glass every day...

It’s simple. Just pour water into the base of this coffee maker. Then scoop your favorite ground beans into the mesh filter, and insert that into the water. For the perfectly chilled brew, leave it in your fridge overnight. Just think about all those throw-away paper cups you’re gonna save. If you're someone who loves a cold juice, check out our guide on juicers and stop paying for single-serve portions. ($21+, Amazon)

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A menstrual cup to replace tampons and pads…

Made to be reused, this menstrual cup is the sustainable option you’ve been waiting for. Free from latex and harmful chemicals, it can provide 12-hour protection. And yes, that includes overnight wear. So you can stop shelling out money for your monthly supply of feminine products. ($21.99, The Honey Pot Company)

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A pack of silicone bags for food storage…

A little less takeout, a little more home cooking. The standing bags can be placed right in your fridge when you need to store leftovers, while the bags that lie flat can be used to store makeup, band-aids, and any random items you have lying around. So no more purchasing plastic baggies. These can go in the microwave, dishwasher, or freezer. And can be used to steam and sous-vide. They pretty much do everything. ($70, W&P Design)

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A fabric shaver to revive old sheets, sweaters, and towels…

Goodbye, little pill balls. You can run this tiny device over furniture, too. It’ll eat up those annoying tiny fuzzies and loose threads. So you can freshen up older items you own, instead of purchasing brand new sheets and sweaters. Win. ($14.99, Amazon)

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A collapsible silicone coffee cup…

Make your cup of joe at home — and avoid all the extra costs that come with stopping at a local cafe each AM. With this on-the-go mug, you’ll be able to drink your cup of java while heading out and about. Once you’re done, you can collapse it down and toss it in your backpack to reuse later in the day. It’s incredibly compact and won’t hog space or create waste (and that’s pretty cool). ($15+, Amazon)

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A plush towel that stays soft after countless washes…

There’s nothing worse than walking out of a warm shower to a scratchy towel. Forget buying a new set every year. With a special cotton technology, these towels remain fluffy after every wash. One-third of its plushy real estate is for quickly drying the body, while the other two-thirds are more gentle for your face and hair. Plus, the colored hanging loop is great for shared spaces —because no one wants to grab the wrong towel. Eek. ($55+, Havly)

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A silicone scrubber that revives years-old makeup brushes…

If you can’t begin to imagine how long it’s been since you last cleaned your brushes, don’t sweat it. Thanks to this handy scrubber you’ll still be able to use your trusty faves. It thoroughly cleans bristles without damaging them. An added perk: It suctions safely to your sink, so you can really get in there. Nice and sparkling. ($5.99+, Amazon)

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A massager that will bring the day spa to you…

This rechargeable deep-tissue massager allows you to target those pesky WFH knots in the neck and lower back. With six interchangeable heads, it can help increase circulation and relieve pain. Because tech neck is the worst, but now you’ve got a better way to deal. ($55, Amazon)

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