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16 Thoughtful Gifts That Say ‘I’m Thankful for You’

products to help you say thank you this thanksgiving day
Johanna Turano
November 12, 2020

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which is a good time of year to stop and think about those you hold near and dear. If you’ve got a laundry list of people to reach out to, you may not know where to start. We rounded up some sentimental gifts that'll help express your gratitude. Because doing so will never go out of style.

This post was originally published in November 2020 and has since been updated.


A bouquet of flowers that’ll provide a little pick-me-up…

Packed with colorful roses, craspedias, and sugarbushes, this gorgeous bouquet is a way to give thanks and let them know they are on your mind. It’s a simple fact: Everyone smiles when they receive flowers. ($80, Urban Stems)

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milk bar truffles and cookies

A sweet package including one box of cookies and two boxes of truffles…

But wait — these aren’t just regular sweets. These are cookies and truffles from Milk Bar. Aka iconic birthday cake and chocolate truffles. And no one can refuse a boatload of sugar. ($70, Milk Bar)

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thank you card set with journal

A set of thank you cards to send to those you love…

The set also includes a guided journal and tips for writing meaningful cards to express how you feel. You’ll get 52 cards in total (one for each week of the year). It’s a small gesture, but writing a card can go a long way. ($30, Uncommon Goods)

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grateful fill in the blank book

A tiny journal that lets you record exactly why you’re thankful for someone…

It has fill-in-the-blank sections that act as perfect prompts. It’s a cute little keepsake to give someone who means the world to you. ($11.14, Amazon)

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essentials workers garden flag to say thanks

A garden flag that highlights essential workers…

Because 2020 and 2021 have been difficult for many workers. And those on the front line deserve a giant ‘thank you.’ With each flag purchased, five dollars will be donated to Americares' COVID-19 response efforts in the US. ($19.99, Uncommon Goods)

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bath salts

A set of crystal-infused bath salts to make their relaxation time even better…

Because they probably need a bit of time to unwind. So why not help them release tension and stress with a warm bath. This salt soak is a mix of Himalayan and epsom salt, with infusions of rose and clear crystal quartz. You know what they say — sometimes the best gift is just some peace and quiet. ($16.16, SelfGoddess on Etsy)

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thank you card with cute illustration

A cute ‘big thank you’ card for someone who really helped you out…

One large favor = one large weight off your shoulders. So let them know you really appreciate it. This card is made from recycled paper and is blank inside so you can fully personalize your message. ($6.97, CardCraftUS on Etsy)

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metal tabletop photo frames

A metal frame to house a sweet photo of the two of you…

So they can look over and be reminded of a special memory. Especially if the two of you are far apart at the moment. ($52+, Artifact Uprising)

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delicious snack pack with popcorn, pretzels, and chocolates

A tasty snack pack for them to enjoy…

It’s filled with things to munch on, like sea-salt and pepper pistachios, white cheddar popcorn, potato chips, and pretzels. It’s the ideal option to have while they’re working from home. ($45, Mouth)

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loose leaf tea set

A set of loose teas that they can try instead of coffee…

It’ll essentially be like a trip around the world...minus the actual travel. The pack includes teas from Asia, Africa, and America. So they can taste the different types to see what they like. And get a break from their daily cup of java. ($55, Food52)

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thank you candle

A 'thanks' candle with personalized packaging…

Let the scent of cucumber, fresh lemon, and patchouli fill their home. They can light it as they unwind for the day. And that time is sacred after a full day of working. ($23.80, Amazon)

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mini diffuser

And a mini diffuser that's waterless and mistless...

It works to disperse aroma without water, so there's no chance mold or bacteria will grow from a sitting reservoir. Aka it works via evaporation. It's got three fan speeds and won't dilute the scent they choose. The three scents included are blackberry vines, freshwater rose, and suede smoke. All three are made from pure essential oils. ($70, Canopy)

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sugarfina thank you pack with three types of candies you can personalize

A Sugarfina candy bento box for those who have a really, really big sweet tooth…

You’ll be able to design the box yourself. So you can pick three of their favorites. You can choose from items like champagne bears, rosé roses, and dark chocolate sea salt caramels. Hello, sugar rush. ($30, Sugarfina)

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travel yoga mat

A travel yoga mat to help them find their center…

So they can practice whether at home or on-the-go. This mat is lightweight and folds up to fit into a tiny travel bag. ($56+, Sugarmat)

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cacao dark chocolate bar

Dark chocolate bars that are made with cacao and packed with nutrients...

Who said chocolate isn't good for you? These bars are vegan, gluten-free, and made with quality cacao (known for its high amount of antioxidants) from farms that use organic practices. They also have low-sugar options too. Each bar is a mix of flavors they won't wanna miss. ($8, Antidote)

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steak shipped to you

A steak gift box if they're a real home chef...

They'll receive two steaks (that feed two to three people) from the iconic Golden Steer restaurant in Las Vegas, a Golden Steer Steakhouse cookbook, and house-made extras like Sergio's Seasoning and Maitre D' Butter. It'll be unlike any meal they've ever had. They'll get to choose between ribeye or filet. Even our mouths are watering. ($205, Golden Steer Company)

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