The Best Father's Day Gifts Under $50

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The Best Father's Day Gifts Under $50Etsy/HatphileMade, Uncommon Goods, Goodee/Barebones

ICYMI: Father’s Day is right around the corner. And we know how tricky finding the perfect present for the dads and father figures in your life can be, especially if you’re on a budget. So we rounded up some gifts under $50 that are guaranteed to hit it out of the park — for every type of dad.

We’ve got stuff for your partner who has everything, things for the dads who swear they “don’t want anything,” and ideas that your hard-to-shop-for grandpa will love, too. Because a thoughtful gift that shows how much you appreciate them — and that they’ll actually use — doesn’t need to break the bank. Promise.

Spicewalla seasoning set
The ultimate seasoning set that’ll jazz up his summer BBQs…

This six-pack is perfect for the guy who loves to spend summers manning the grill station. It comes with a pork rub, a steak rub, a honey and herb option, a cracked coriander and pepper mix, a mustard and tarragon rub, and a Modena balsamic rub. And they’re all paleo-friendly and free of GMOs and artificial flavoring. All he needs now are some s’mores for dessert. ($32.99, Amazon)

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Wood chip grill set
And a pack of grill accessories to seal the deal… 

Wood-flanked everything, coming right up. The collection includes five planks and two packs of smoking chips for his every BBQ need. Each piece of wood provides a unique flavor — from spicy cedar to bold hickory — so he can experiment with some new recipes. You’ll never RSVP ‘yes’ to the fam cookout this quick ever again. ($25, Food52)

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Personalized puzzle
A custom puzzle that’ll commemorate the best of times…

This personalizable one lets you turn your fave fam photo(s) into a celebratory puzzle. The pieces are made of high-quality paperboard and come with a matching photo box. Choose from four size options, each with varying difficulty levels — so no stress if the idea of a 1,000-plus-piece puzzle makes him break out in hives. Let the good times roll. ($16.49+, Shutterfly)

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Leather mousepad
A leather mouse pad to level up his office sitch…

If the one he’s been using since forever ago is faded and shabby, it’s time for a refresh. This full-grain leather option has a microsuede-lined bottom, so it’ll stay in place, and an ergonomic design. Plus: you can personalize it too. Alexa, play Beyoncé’s “Upgrade U.” ($35+, Leatherology)

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Tech cord organizer
A tech organizer that’ll make his post-pandemic vacay so much easier…

This one has a two-way zipper that allows for quick access and will prevent those frustrating ‘oh no, all my cords are tangled’ moments. It comes in 15 different colors and has dedicated spots for an SD card, mouse, and hard drive, so his precious cargo will be safe and sound. Psst: it’s TSA-approved and water resistant, so it’s a breeze to move through the airport with. Bon voyage. ($16.99, Amazon)

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Cocktail ice cubes
Special ice cube molds for cocktail night…

These large square ones not only look awesome but will also keep his drinks from getting diluted too quickly. And they’re easy to pop in and out of the mold. The product is dishwasher safe and has an internal steel frame that’ll keep water from spilling everywhere during refills. Oh, and it has a lid, which makes it easily stackable. Plus his cubes won’t absorb any weird smells from the inside of his freezer. Happy hour, population: dad. ($13.80, Amazon)

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Dad jokes card set
A game that’ll bring some joy to family dinner…

Because dad jokes and Father’s Day go hand in hand. This collection of riddles has 300 dad-approved jokes that’ll work as conversation starters or a fun game night that'll make everyone belly laugh. Psst: they’re not too raunchy, so you can use ‘em around kids 7+. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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Guitar pick
A guitar pick based on his birth chart…

So your man loves to play the strings. And you love to give him his horoscope. Why not combine the two? These guitar picks are handcrafted in Nashville and made from natural stone. Just match his pick with his birth month and he’ll think of you every time he plays. Rock ‘n’ roll, baby. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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A lightweight Birkenstock sandal that’ll make him look cool…

He’ll be the trendiest guy in the neighborhood with these IG-friendly (and super-comfy) sandals. There’s a reason so many people love these Birks — they’re waterproof, shock absorbing, and have awesome support that’ll make his feet happy. Plus they’re odor resistant and have four arches that help with weight distribution and foot posture (yes, this is a thing). Cool vibes, roll through. ($29.34+, Amazon)

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Dog dad hat
A ‘dog dad’ hat so he can show off his love for his fur baby…

Sports logos = out. Showing how much he adores his pup = in. This one’s pre-washed, 100% cotton, and has an adjustable strap in the back. All he needs now is a stroll through the neighborhood so he can rock his new accessory. Hats off to ya, Dad, you’re the best. ($16.99+ Etsy)

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Disco body wash set
A body wash and deodorant set that’ll inspire a new self-care routine...

This all-natural, paraben-free duo will help him cleanse, get smoother skin, and smell great. The body wash includes aloe and chamomile and is formulated with ingredients that work to energize and soothe his skin. The natural deodorant is aluminum-free and has eucalyptus and tea tree oil in it that’ll help prevent odor and fight bacteria. Look good, feel good, coming right up. ($28, Disco)

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Mushroom log kit
A mushroom-growing kit for the dad who loves a science experiment...

All he has to do is soak the log and keep it in a damp, cool, dark place and voilà: he’ll get some delicious fresh shiitakes. The log will last for up to three years and he can harvest a batch of shrooms about every six weeks. Never forget: your dad’s the ultimate fun guy (fungi...get it? Sorry, we had to) so he really deserves it. ($30, Uncommon Goods)

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Garden scissors
A chic yet handy pair of scissors that’ll help him up his garden game…

This reliable option is great for making neat, crisp cuts on houseplants or outdoor greens. They work for righties or lefties and have a comfortable grip that won’t irritate his hands. Plus the stainless steel blade is high quality, so he won’t have to worry about replacing these scissors year after year. We dig it. ($28, Goodee)

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Dad bod tee
A fitting T-shirt that’ll make other dads give him the nod (you know which one)…

This fun, handmade tee is super-relatable and will make everyone who sees him in it smile. It comes in more than 20 colors and is available in sizes S through 5XL. Bonus: it’s so soft, he’ll probably never want to take it off. (Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.) Love ya, Dad. ($13.96+, Etsy)

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Kombucha kit
A kombucha kit for the guy who loves a kitchen project…

Maybe he’s mastered the art of brewing beer and is looking for his next new challenge. This set has everything he’ll need to brew some kombucha straight from the fam’s HQ. It comes with a guide that’ll walk him through the whole process, even if he’s never done a thing like this before. Once he nails it down, it’ll show him how to experiment with flavors too. The thirst is real. ($44.99, Walmart)

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