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11 Kitchen Must-Haves for the Fluffiest Pancakes at Home

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May 2, 2022

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Breakfast is a fine art — especially when it comes to mastering the best and fluffiest pancakes. But there are a couple things that’ll help you churn out the perfect pancake every time. From mini pancake makers and pancake dispensers to delicious gluten-free pancake mix that tastes like the real thing, we’ve rounded up 11 must-haves for every pancake-loving home chef. Happy flippin’. 

A pancake batter dispenser for minimal mess… 

So you can get your batter from bowl to pan without any drips or spills. This one’s got two side indentations for an easy grip and an extra-wide opening for adding mix. And the heavy-duty wire blender breaks up the flour balls in the batter for ultra-smooth mix as you shake. Bonus: The whole thing is dishwasher-safe. Breakfast made easy. ($15.46, Amazon

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A mini pancake maker for quick single-serve portions… 

This compact griddle can tackle almost anything thrown its way — from pancakes to eggs to sandwiches — as long as it fits in its 4-inch nonstick surface. The appliance is lightweight, available in five colors, and has a light that goes off when your pancakes are ready. (And waffle fans: Consider this duo.) Let’s get cookin’. ($12.59+, Amazon

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Maple syrup with a little kick…   

It’s been matured in charred American oak barrels holding a bit of raw bourbon in them. This maple syrup’s signature sweetness is paired with a complex, oaky flavor that’ll elevate any stack of pancakes. Customers love the boozy punch and full-bodied taste of maple in every bite. Because it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. ($29, Food52)

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An animal waffle maker to make breakfast fun for your kiddos…  

And it can be used with pancake batter too. This griddle can make seven different-shaped pancakes at once, featuring animals like a dog, cat, panda, reindeer, and more. They’re so doggone cute we won’t blame ya if you make a batch just for yourself. ($39.95, Amazon)

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A three-in-one pancake griddle and waffle maker…   

For when you want a breakfast with some variety. This has got nonstick plates that go on easily, so you can switch from pancakes to waffles in seconds. And after breakfast, slide the sandwich plates on for the perfect panini, or swap in the grill plates for sizzling sear marks. ($70.64, Amazon

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A Star Wars–themed pancake maker that's got the light and dark side… 

A perfect gift for the ultimate fan, this one uses embossed graphics of R2D2 and Darth Vader. It makes two pancakes at a time on nonstick, dishwasher-safe plates for easy cleanup. May the Force be with your breakfast. ($35.99, QVC)

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A vegan pancake-mix variety pack…  

It comes with four different flavors: original, chocolate, apple cinnamon, and banana chocolate chip. Made with upcycled ingredients, the mix includes real fruits and veggies, and zero added sugar. Customers love the taste and texture of these fluffy pancakes, and you can save 20% with a subscription delivery order. Plus, we love that this brand is woman-owned and that the mix comes in recycled packaging. Plant-based pancakes just as delicious as your childhood faves? The proof is in the batter. ($32+, Otherworld)

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Gluten-free pancake mix that’ll give you light and fluffy results… 

From a tried-and-true recipe. Red Mill Pancake mix has got whole grain stone ground sorghum flour, and brown rice flour, and will have ya whipping up tasty golden pancakes and waffles. Psst…the mix is also vegan-friendly, with no dairy, eggs, or honey. ($23.63/4 pack, Amazon)

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A must-have for sheet pan pancakes… 

Yup, they’re a thing. And after checking out some recipes online, you’ll understand why. Simply pour your pancake batter into this sheet pan and pop it in the oven for a delicious, fluffy, cake-like pancake. We rec topping your batter with fresh fruit, honey drizzle, or chocolate chips. ($13.39/2 pack, Amazon)

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A mix for keto-friendly protein pancakes… 

Whether you eat a keto diet or you’re just looking for a protein-packed alternative to traditional pancakes, these have you covered. They’ve got 5 grams of net carbs and 9 grams of protein, and they’re grain-free. The best part? All you need to add is water. Breakfast = served. ($7.49, Target)

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And a zero-sugar syrup to drizzle on top…

This keto syrup has zero sugar and net carbs, and is low on the glycemic index. It’s a diabetic-friendly alternative to traditional maple syrup that’s been sweetened by low-calorie allulose — a plant-based sugar sourced from fruits and veggies. Customers also rec using it as a substitute for maple syrup in baking recipes too. ($10.99, Thrive Market)

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