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17 Useful Things for All Your Jewelry-Related Problems

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Sep 9, 2022

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Whether you wear a family heirloom daily, or you have an emotional attachment to that ring you won at a high school carnival years ago, you want to protect your most cherished jewelry. We’ve found cases for proper storage (even while traveling), things that will keep your pieces sparkling, and items for resizing and untangling when you hit a lil’ snafu. Because your jewelry is meant to be proudly displayed, after all. Bling bling.

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A pouch that will protect your rings…

Just slip them into this flexible pouch, zip it, and put it on your wrist. Knowing you don’t have to worry about losing them all day as you travel about? Priceless. The pouch is also water-resistant, so you can wear it on the beach or on a run since it won’t soak up any excess moisture. You can also use it for keys, headphones, etc. Customers say it’s comfortable to wear. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A stick that will leave your diamonds sparkling…

Twist the bottom of this go-everywhere stick, apply to your diamonds and gemstones, and watch them shine. It removes all dirt and oils that may make your diamonds look cloudy, and even works to reduce the appearance of scratches. The cleansing agent is gentle, so it won’t strip your jewelry of any polishes. Customers love that it can get into the smallest nooks and crannies. ($7.99, Amazon)

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A tool to help you clasp your bracelet…

Paging Samantha Jones in “Sex and the City” when she has trouble clasping and unclasping her pearl bracelet. Don’t let that be you. Hold one end of the bracelet steady with the tool, while your other hand can easily work to open the clasp. It’s also great for those with wrist pain or limited mobility since there’s no twisting or turning involved. ($7.99, Amazon)

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A pack of extenders for making your favorite necklaces the perfect length…

If you’ve inherited a few of your mom’s pieces, chances are they may not fall exactly where you want them to. These hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant extenders offer the option of choosing the length of your necklaces. They come in 2-, 4-, and 6-inch lengths, and three finishes (18K-plated gold, silver, or rose gold). ($13.80/3 pack, Amazon)

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A leather travel case perfected by jewelry makers…

We hope you’ve heard of Mejuri by now for their affordable, everyday pieces, but they also designed an incredibly durable travel case for bringing your jewelry wherever you go. It’s available in beige or black, with an anti-tarnish microsuede interior. It has special holes for your earrings, a mini bar for rings, and slots for necklaces. Zip it up and stash it in your bag or suitcase. Plus it makes a great gift for frequent travelers and can be personalized with a monogram. ($78, Mejuri)

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A hanging organizer with easy visibility…

This one has 14 clear zippered pockets in different sizes to store all your most-worn pieces. The inner lining is soft cotton, and the outside is completely waterproof. It can also be rolled up and taken on the go, or hung on a hanger if you’re staying in a hotel room. Customers love that you can lay it flat in your suitcase. ($10.99, Amazon)

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A fold-up travel case with room for everything and more…

This fold-up jewelry wallet can hold seven necklaces, 16 pairs of earrings, and eight rings. Not sold yet? It’s also made of soft leather and suede, and has a design so necklaces and bracelets stay snapped in (aka not tangling and twisting around one another). It also has a detachable pouch you can stick in your purse if you don’t want to bring all your options along. Chef’s kiss. ($24.99, Amazon)

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An ultrasonic cleaner you can use to sanitize more than just jewelry…

This gadget will guarantee a deep clean on every facet of your diamonds and gems since it uses ultrasonic waves to blast away dirt in just three minutes. It’s also great for cleaning eyeglasses, retainers, or makeup brushes. Customers say that it does the job quietly too. ($39.99, Amazon)

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A watch box that will wind yours for you…

Yes, you read that right. This sleek little box will hold your favorite manual timepiece and gently rock it to simulate constant wear, keeping it on time. It has a plush pillow that fits both men and women’s watches, plus it comes in pebbled leather, sleek black, or brown wood. We love it as a gift for the watch enthusiast in your life. ($49.49+, Amazon)

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A jewelry box for those with lots of tiny pieces…

If you’re a studs queen or delicate ring connoisseur, this is the jewelry box for you. It has 35 suede compartments perfect for stashing away dainty things. But don’t worry, you can also remove the sectioning to make bigger compartments if necessary. It also has a snap closure so you can take it on the go. ($37, Urban Outfitters)

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A tiered organizer for keeping your jewelry on display…

Three T-shaped metal hangers will keep your necklaces and bracelets organized and untangled, while the tray at the bottom will hold your watch or even your keys and phone. It has four solid round feet, so you never have to worry about it toppling over. PS: It comes in three neutral colors sure to fit in with your bedroom decor. ($19.99, QVC)

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A detangler that’ll make layering necklaces a breeze…

Just attach your necklaces to each side of the detangler, and you’ve essentially created one big layered necklace that’ll never wrap together. You can get either a silver or gold option, and one with up to four hooks if you’re a true layering queen. ($13.49+, TheresaRose via Etsy)

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A necklace organizer for hassle-free travel…

It’s a simple design, yes, but it works. Just wrap your necklace around the outside of the plastic tube and clasp it shut. Voilà — no more tangles. You can also pop the top and store rings and earrings inside. It’s tiny enough to easily fit inside your purse. ($21.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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A ring dish that will make you smile…

A little elephant that’s waiting to hold your rings on its trunk at the end of the day? We just can’t resist. It’s made from high-quality glazed ceramic and comes in a few color options. We suggest keeping it on a nightstand or dresser. It’s also a cute gift idea for a best friend or roommate. (13.99+, Amazon)

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An adjustment tool for loose-fitting rings…

If you’ve been handed down a piece of jewelry from a family member (aww), it might not fit your hand as well as it should. We’re here to say don’t risk it slipping off. Add one of these silicone loops onto the underside of the band to find a more secure fit. The loop won’t damage the ring in the slightest, and won’t even be noticeable once it’s on. You’ll get two sizes, one thinner for smaller rings and one thicker. ($7.64/12 pack, Amazon)

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A pack of earring backs for when you’ve lost a few…

We’ve all been there. Rather than crawling around your bedroom floor searching for that itsy-bitsy earring back, just grab one of these silicone options. Plus if you’ve got earrings that tend to loosen during wear, adding a second back will hold them more securely in place as you go about your day. They come in a handy plastic case that ensures you won’t lose these either. ($6.99+, Amazon)

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A clasp converter that’ll make putting on necklaces way easier…

Ideal for those with long nails or arthritic hands, these converters work with lighter necklaces to make them close magnetically. The clasps are nickel-free, so you won’t have to worry about any skin reactions. Customers confirm the magnet is strong enough for all-day wear. Aka it won’t pop open randomly. ($8.59+, Amazon)

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