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15 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Valentine's Day gifts for your significant other
Lindsay Lange
Jan 29, 2021

Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s Day. The day of love. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s a day to celebrate your special someone. And while, yes, you still adore them the other 364 days of the year, why not give a bit of extra attention and TLC come February 14th?

Unfortunately, with Valentine’s Day comes an unnecessary amount of pressure. Which is why we’re here. We rounded up some sweet and thoughtful gifts your partner will truly adore. No need to stress or deep dive for the so-called "perfect gift." We’re here to help you spend less time scouring the web. You’re welcome.

A book so you can record exactly what you love about your SO…

With fill-in-the-blank sections, you’ll be able to fully personalize this little book to be all about your beloved. Consider it a keepsake they’ll want to read over and over again. How sweet. ($10, Knock Knock)

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A truth or dare game that’ll turn up the heat justtt a bit…

Pour a glass of wine and prepare for things to get...steamy. With 50 sticks, one side has truth and one has dare. So play it safe. Or take a walk on the wild side. ($14.95, Urban Outfitters)

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A love letter candy box they can open every day leading up to Feb 14th…

With 16 mini treats (like champagne bears and tequila grapefruit sours), they’ll get a small sugar rush along with a little note. Whether they open all 16 in one day is up to them. But we like to think of it as a nice countdown to Valentine’s Day. ($34, Sugarfina)

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A game to help spark romance…

Each faux match comes with an idea to stir the pot of love between you and your special someone. You can pull one a day, or save a few for the day leading up to date night. Aka, an easy way to set the mood. You’re welcome. ($12.95, Urban Outfitters)

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A bouquet of red roses that’s a must-gift on Valentine’s Day…

Need we say more. With a wide range of bouquets to choose from, each one is arranged by a floral designer to be one-of-a-kind. Plus, they’re sourced directly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms (farms that are sustainably run by local workers who are paid fairly). ($85, Urban Stems)

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A card game that motivates the both of you to be the best partner possible…

Complete the task. Get a sweet reward. Repeat. Each card features a kind gesture that your partner will appreciate. Gestures include things like getting groceries or cooking dinner. And in the long run, the game will help couples (especially newlyweds) get into the groove of everyday married life. It’s a win-win. ($15, Uncommon Goods)

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A set of massage oils to help you and your SO unwind…

With a non-fragrant, vegan formula, these oils are your go-to for shoulder rubs. After getting through 2020, you both could probably use a little relaxation. Btw, the little pods are recyclable. Go green and feel good. ($30, Urban Outfitters)

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An oversized blanket sweatshirt they’ll want to cuddle in every night…

With fleece on the outside and sherpa on the inside, it’s the perfect option for cold nights. And for working from home. And for running errands. So get ready, because they’ll never take it off. ($32.99+, Amazon)

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A custom portrait mug they can use for their daily cup of coffee…

Upload your favorite picture of the two of you. From there, a cute illustration will be hand-drawn. Before the mug is made, you’ll get a proof to review to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Psst...the entire process can take up to three weeks (but usually less), so order ahead of the big day. ($62+, Avonnie Studio on Etsy)

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A date night cookbook so the two of you can whip up something delicious…

Valentine’s Day dinner this year will probably not be at a restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tasty meal. This book is packed with recipes the two of you can conquer together. With options like lamb chops and crostini, you’ll both be licking your fingers by the end. ($23.99, Target)

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A love letter blanket that you can customize...

Maybe you have a sweet note saved. Or maybe an old card you’re afraid will get lost over time. Or maybe you want to write a message, but have it be a bit more permanent. Now you can turn that love letter into a blanket they’ll have forever. You can choose the standard handwriting font or upload an image of your own. Think of this as a creative twist on card writing. ($159+, Frankie Print Co. on Etsy)

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A chocolate fondue set so you can have dessert after dinner…

Huge question. Who doesn’t love fondue? Light the candle underneath and watch your solid chocolate melt into ooey-gooey goodness. Now the two of you just need to decide on what fruit and snacks to choose. Our vote is for strawberries and marshmallows. ($40, Food52)

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A watercolor house portrait to hang in your first home together…

Huge congrats. You moved in together. Now commemorate the official step into adulthood with a portrait. It’ll be a forever piece of the first place you called a home together. And that’s darn cute. ($38+, Mono Art & Design on Etsy)

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A memory jar that’ll act as a time capsule for the two of you…

Drop in sweet notes, concert tickets, small photos, and really anything else you’ve been saving from trips away together. Then after a while, you’ll be able to open the jar and look back at all the wonderful things you’ve experienced together. Awwws sold separately. ($29.02, Amazon)

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A photo book to fill with all your favorite snaps…

High quality images, high quality pages. Also a chance to clear some images from your phone’s camera roll. And who doesn’t love the sound of that. ($59, Artifact Uprising)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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