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Our Favorite Water Bottles for Every Situation

Water Bottles for Every Situation
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Anthropologie
Jul 12, 2022

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By now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that drinking water is pretttttty good for ya. Case in point: it does everything from supporting energy levels and digestion to regulating body temperature and cushioning your joints. Not to mention, drinking lots of water also can hydrate your skin. 

But even when you know about all the benefits, staying hydrated can be tricky. You’ve got work, a personal life, and a million things on your to-do list. That’s why we rounded up some of our fave reliable water bottles that you can always have on hand. We’re talking bottles that’ll keep your drinks iced cold, ones that are ideal for travel, canteens that are great for workouts, and more. So you can always be prepared — no matter what you’re doing. Water ya waiting for?

A cult-fave water bottle that checks every box… 

This emotional support water bottle is an HQ fave for a reason. The easy-to-sip straw releases the perfect flow of water so you won’t end up with excess liquid everywhere. And the liter size is great for all-day hydration. It has a durable insulation that’ll eliminate pesky condensation and is dishwasher safe. Plus, it has a wide mouth so you can add any ice cubes in many shapes and sizes. Pick from a rainbow of punchy hues and enjoy. Your drinks will be cold for a whole day. Winning. ($49.95, Amazon)

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An insulated option that’s perfect for your next workout…

Raise your hand if you need water by your side at every moment during a sweat sesh. On top of keeping your drinks cool and being BPA-free, this option has a durable handle and a small splash-back free sipping spout that makes it super easy to drink from. Its silicone base will protect it from any excess drops and act like a built-in coaster, which we love. ($20.99+, Amazon)

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A Yeti tumbler you can fully customize…

Talk about the ultimate personalized gift. All you have to do is pick the size, color, and whether you want to add a monogram, text or even your own design. It’ll keep hot drinks warm and cold ones chilled. If you’ve been looking for a sign to finally score a Yeti, this is it. ($20+, Yeti)

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A Brita water bottle with a built-in filter…

So you can have clean water anywhere you go. The filter fits inside the straw and works to eliminate the taste and odor of any chlorine that might be in your water. It’ll stay cold and its sleek stainless steel design is ultra handy. What can’t it do? (22.94+, Amazon)

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An infusion bottle that’ll make your water more exciting…

Fact: Spa water is the best. So why not bring it to you? This BPA-free infuser has a removable rod that can be filled with fruit, citrus wedges, and herbs. So throw together your favorite concoction, lock the rod into place, and fill with water. So delish. ($19.97, Amazon)

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A collapsible silicone cup that’s great for travel days…

This one folds down to fit into any bag, so it’s TSA-friendly. (Just empty it before you head through security.) It’s made of heat-resistant, food-grade silicone and even comes with a straw. Plus, it’s a solid sustainable swap so you can avoid buying single-use plastics when the thirst hits. Away we go. ($25, Food52)

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A cult-fave transitional tumbler with a rotating cover lid…

Perfect for when you’re running errands and will be popping in and out of your car. It’s got three lid positions: an opening for a straw (that it comes with), a classic opening for sipping sans straw, and a full cover top to prevent any spills. And the pastel shades are so cute. Use it for everything from smoothies to spa water. Psst…snag this one while you can since there can be a pretty big waitlist. ($25, Stanley)

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A glass option if you’re looking to cut down on plastic…

One super refreshing cup of water coming right up. This one is made of glass, so it won’t hold onto scents. And you can feel good knowing it’s BPA and phthalate free. The outside is coated in silicone for extra grip and protection. And the cap has a small opening for spill-free sipping. Plus, at under a pound, it’s pretty lightweight so it’s easy to carry around. Plastic bottles, ya won’t be mist. ($38, bkr)

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A well-loved tumbler that’s perfect for iced tea and cold brew…

Okay, okay, it can be used for H2O too. It’s double walled, vacuum sealed, and comes in a ton of colors and sizes. It’s made from quality stainless steel and coated in a durable finish. The straw lid is our fave, but it also comes with a leak-proof thermos lid too. (19.99+, Amazon)

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A artsy canteen that’ll keep your bev ice cold…

This classic canteen from Corkcicle is clad in a chic print from Gray Malin. It’s a 16 ounce container, so it can easily fit into a bag while you’re on the go. It’ll keep cold drinks chilled for up to 25 hours and hot coffee warm for up to 12. Perfect for long car rides or days at the beach. ($39.95+, Corkcicle)

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A shatter-resistant cup for kids…

This one’s tough enough to withstand dents, drops, and rust. So your little one can sip safely — and give you peace of mind. At 12 ounces, it’s the perfect size. Plus, the straw tucks right in once they're done sipping so it'll stay nice and clean. It comes in nine shades like chartreuse and seafoam. PS: Who says adults can’t sip from this one? ($25+, Amazon)

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A leakproof bottle that’s easy to add ice cubes to…

Minimal design + functionality = this sleek pick. It’s made of lightweight glass and durable silicone and has a secure twist-off cap. We love its wide mouth because you can easily add full-sized ice cubes and sip with ease. Plus, you can even personalize this one with your initials, name or favorite phrase. Sip, sip hooray. ($40+, W&P)

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A 1-gallon, time-marker bottle to help keep your water intake on track…

This BPA-free option will measure your daily H2O consumption and make it easy to remember to drink enough throughout the day. It has a strap and leak-proof lid with a locking feature so it’s a breeze to carry to the pool, gym or just around your house. The wide-mouth opening makes cleaning it and adding ice cubes super easy. Plus, its size means you won’t have to constantly refill it. Hydrated life, here you come. ($14.44+, Amazon)

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A monogrammed water bottle…

Buy one for you and one for your friend. Or buy one for everyone in the fam. Now you’ll never have to ask ‘Is this mine?’ again. ($19.95, Anthropologie)

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A portable water bottle that you and your pet can share…

This stainless steel canteen converts into a hydration station for you and your pooch. So both of you can have a lap on the go. The bottom of the bottle has a removable water bowl — so all you have to do is unscrew it and pour. And you can drink as you usually would…without sharing slobber. Plus, it keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours. Time to hit the road. ($35, Uncommon Goods

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