19 Wellness Products if You’re Not the Best at Self-Care

Published on: Mar 26, 2021fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
the best wellness products for self-careDesign: theSkimm | Photo: Brooklinen

Wellness can be defined in many ways. Because what you do to nurture your body and mind is specific to you. Whether that’s in the form of exercise, cooking, skin care, or otherwise.

We’re shining a big spotlight on self-care because it’s really really easy to forget about during a pandemic. We’re all maxed out on stress, and the available hours in a day seem to be shrinking.

Newsflash: it’s okay to take some time for yourself. To focus on you, your health, and the things that make you happy. We rounded up products to help you do just that. Guilt-free.

daily facial moisturizer
An oil-free daily facial moisturizer to prevent flaking…

Because picking at the dead skin on your nose is actually a bad habit. This formula is fragrance-free and non-greasy. So you won’t look sweaty after applying. You can use it both morning and night on clean skin. It’s also got probiotics to keep your skin’s microbiome balanced. Meaning less redness, inflammation, and dryness. ($28, Ghost Democracy)

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nutritional meal plan based on a dna test you take
A nutrition plan that uses your genes to recommend the best foods for you...

If you’re unsure of how to properly (and nutritiously) fuel your body, GenoPalate can help. It all starts with a DNA test. You’ll find out exactly what nutrients and vitamins you need more of. You’ll also receive personalized recipes and an ideal range of macronutrients you should be intaking per day. It’s all about helping you eat smarter. Because your health is a top priority.* (Plans start at $39.95+, GenoPalate)

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self-care kit with coloring book, daily organizer, and self-care master plan
A self-care pack so you can check in with yourself…

This past year it may have been easy to fall out of touch with the things that help you feel centered. This self-care kit is a great way to a) release some stress, and b) prioritize your wellbeing and mental health. The kit includes a coloring book, daily notepad, self-care master plan, and two stickers. So you can plan your days ahead of time, plus put some practices into place. Like weekly exercise, or maybe a spa hour every Sunday. Make some time for you. ($30, Free Period Press)

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percale weave organic cotton sheet set comes with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcases
A set of organic cotton sheets to treat yourself (and your bed) to…

Hot sleepers, unite. This percale-weave sheet set is light and airy, so you can stay cool while you snooze. There’s a 30-night, risk-free trial with free returns too. Just in case you don’t like them. The entire set includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, and one pillowcase (depending on bed size). You’ve been spending more time than usual in bed (thanks, pandemic work-from-home lifestyle). So it’s time to finally upgrade. ($109+, Casper)

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hydrating hair mask for hair that feels dry
A hair mask that can boost shine and prevent strands from breaking…

Specifically designed for hair that’s feeling dry, this plant-based hair mask can increase moisture and elasticity. It’s great for chemically or color-treated hair (and works on all textures). Plus it has a scalp-soothing ingredient to help with itching. Use the mask up to four times per month, depending on how parched your hair is feeling. ($22, Sienna Naturals)

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before you go toilet spray to help with odors
A before-you-go toilet spray to get rid of some nasty odors…

If you’ve ever been worried about the smell of your bathroom once you leave it, this spray is for you. It’s a great hack for roommates (or couples) who share a space. You just spritz the bowl before you go, and voilà. Odors are stopped in their tracks. And whatever happens in the bathroom stays a secret. Phew. ($10.56+, Amazon)

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little stool to place in front of your toilet to help with sitting position
And a toilet stool that can improve your bowel health…

Not the prettiest thought...but the height of this stool shifts the angle of your body while you’re on the toilet so you’ll be able to go more comfortably. Instead of sitting (like you do now), you’ll be in more of a squat position. So you can release more easily. Goodbye, straining. ($69, Tushy)

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hands-free vibrator that is waterproof and has three speed settings
A hands-free vibrator that you can use solo or with a partner...

We’re talking freedom to move around and get adventurous, without any distractions. Not to mention, it’s also waterproof and has three speed settings. So whether you’re solo or with someone special, it’s the perfect addition to your time spent between the sheets. Entering do-not-disturb mode. ($135, Dame)

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lightweight waffle cotton robe for lounging
A waffle robe that’ll become your go-to pajamas…

Robes shouldn’t be reserved for hotels. Having one to unwind in at the end of a day can feel straight up luxurious. And this robe is made from 100% Turkish cotton, so it’s lightweight and ideal for warm weather. The waffle texture absorbs water quickly, so you can throw it on post-shower. ($98, Brooklinen)

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herbal tea blends
An organic herbal tea blend to sip in the morning…

Pick the one that speaks to you. Maybe you’re looking for something more calming. Or maybe you want a minty energizing boost. All are individually made from a specific blend of herbs and spices. If you’re looking to cut back on coffee, here’s your solution. ($14.50+, Golden Flourish)

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breathable face masks with three layers
A set of face masks designed to be easier to breath in…

With warm weather approaching, things may get sweaty under a face mask. This set has a three-tier structure: the first layer wicks away moisture, the second has a washable built-in filter, and the third is made from mesh to block UV rays. Reviewers say the masks feel comfortable and light when on, and are quick-drying. Plus they’re available in several sizes. ($14.90/3 pack, Uniqlo)

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soft black leggings for exercise or just lounging around the house
A pair of leggings so buttery soft, you’ll never wanna take them off…

Moisture-wicking, breathable, and super stretchy. These leggings are ideal for yoga, but can be worn for any kind of low-impact workout. They reach down to your ankle and have a hidden waistband pocket too. Oh-so-soft and easy to move in, they’ll feel like a second skin. We won’t blame you if you keep them on all day long. ($98, Lululemon)

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grippy yoga mat
And a grippy yoga mat to complete your workout gear…

If you’re currently doing Downward Dog on your bedroom carpet, you’re probably slipping and sliding more than you’d like. With cushioned support and a moisture-wicking top coat, this mat will help you stay in positions longer. With less pressure on your joints to boot. And that’s a win. ($50, Amazon)

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natural and aluminum-free deodorant set
A deodorant set to keep you covered on sweaty days…

Deodorant, but make it aluminum-free and non-greasy. To make sure you’re really covered, this set has an unscented antiperspirant to block sweat. Follow that up with a second layer of the deodorant to prevent odor-causing bacteria. No more bathroom trips just to sneakily check if your pits are stinky. ($38, Hiki)

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calendar that can help you track habits to build healthier ones, like using your phone less and drinking more water
A habit tracking calendar so you can achieve everything you want this year…

Maybe you wanna stop using your phone after 8 pm. Or drink less caffeine. Whatever your goal is, this calendar will help you stay aware of your daily, weekly, and monthly habits. It’s broken down into different categories like sleep, movement, finances, and organization. So you can stay on top of things and set yourself up for success. ($18, Amazon)

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soft cotton knit weighted blanket for a more restful sleep
A weighted blanket to help you achieve a more restful sleep…

Because tossing and turning = bad z’s. Evenly distributed weight can produce a deeper sleep, helping you produce more serotonin and less cortisol. Aka more relaxing vibes and less stress. Unlike most weighted blankets made with beaded fillers, this one’s hand-knit from very soft cotton. It’s a must-have. ($249, Bearaby)

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green jade roller and gua sha tool set to massage your face with, can help with puffiness under eyes
A jade roller and gua sha set to keep in your fridge for everyday use…

IOHO (in our humble opinions), these tools are best used when they’re cold. But you can keep them out if you prefer them room temp. Use the jade roller across your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, rolling outward and upward. The stimulation is said to decrease puffiness, help blood flow, and reduce sinus pressure. The gua sha tool can be used when you need a deeper massage, and works in the same fashion as the jade roller. Hello, massage time. ($20, Amazon)

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online courses you can take focused on personal development and mental health
A set of personal development courses you can choose from…

Udemy covers topics like productivity, communication skills, and meditation. There’s a wide range of courses to choose from. We recommend The Magic of Action and Performance Under Pressure. Each course has a description, requirements section, and detailed outline of what it includes. You can sign up for topics that interest you, and can buy classes à la carte. Don’t mind us, we’re just over here bettering ourselves. (Prices vary by course, Udemy)

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lavender-scented room and linen spray to help neutralize bad odors
A room and linen spray to keep items smelling fresh…

Made from sustainable ingredients, this spray can be used after making your bed. Lingering smells on the couch thanks to a pet? A few spritzes will help eliminate stinky odors. Its blend of lavender, bergamot, eucalyptus, cypress pine, and birch can instantly uplift your towels too. ($18, Madewell)

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