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Let’s Skimm Money: Become a Teal Memb’r of theSkimm

Money goals look different for everyone. Teal Memb’rship provides you with the info and tools you need to reach yours. We’re here to help you take stock of where you are, and provide you with simple steps to start moving forward

Free through the end of 2020.

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The Skimm Money app

The Skimm Money app helps you save and stay on track.


(for iOS users)

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Choose your goals

It’s time to get hyper-organized and prioritize. Whether you want to buy a house, pay off your credit cards, or save for a family in the future, we’ll help you get started.

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Get a custom plan

We’ll build a step-by-step plan based on your current situation and personal goals. With steps that are actually doable.

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Check up on it

You can track your progress with live updates, and adjust your plan when stuff comes up.

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A private community

where you can connect with other Teal Memb’rs navigating their finances.

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A new Skimm Money newsletter

to tell you the status of your savings and explain the headlines that could impact your wallet.

Start your Teal Memb’rship

Through the end of 2020, theSkimm will be waiving all Memb’rship fees so you have the info and tools you need now.

Let’s Skimm Money together.

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