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9 to 5ish: Emily Ratajkowski

Nov 9, 2021

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When Emily Ratajkowski was asked to appear in a music video in 2013, she didn’t expect it to catapult her to overnight fame. Since then, she’s appeared in movies like ‘Gone Girl,’ walked the runway at New York Fashion week and launched her own swimwear line. And last year, Emily’s essay for ‘The Cut’ about objectification and power imbalances went viral, landing her a book deal for her new essay collection, 'My Body.' 

On Doing Things in Your Own Time

Emily: As far as advice I give people now, I'm like, "Get a great lawyer and push back." If something doesn't feel right, know your worth and really think about what you're bringing to this deal — because there's a reason that they're offering you a contract.

On Pushing Past Self-Doubt

Emily: In writing this book, there were a lot of moments where I felt like, 'Am I really going to be able to do this? I've written 50,000 words, but am I going to be able to actually finish writing a book?' And I would just force myself to continue, instead of being afraid of failure. And then eventually I somehow the veil would be lifted and I'd be able to actually do something decent.

On Learning To Delegate 

Emily: I just really love control. And I've learned that I'm not necessarily good at delegating and I don't always trust people who are in positions of authority to tell me things. And now, I’ve entered this new period in my life where I just actually can't do everything myself.

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