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Decision Tree: Are You Ready to Invest in Crypto?

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July 29, 2021

If all the talk about crypto is giving you a case of FOMO, take a beat before you buy in. There’s a lot to consider before you buy your first coin.

Pretty sure I'm ready to invest in crypto.

Couldn't hurt to double check. Because before you buy anything, quizzing yourself about whether it's really worth it – aka spending with intention – helps ensure you're in control of your money. 

Fine. What should I do before investing?

Some things to consider when trying to figure out your answer to one of the biggest crypto questions…

Crypto decision tree
Design: ML Howell


Whether you're really ready to hop on the crypto bandwagon depends on a lot of factors. Think: how well you understand the relatively new asset, if you're comfy with (a lot of) risk, and where you are with other money goals.

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