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Asking for a Friend

Oct 29, 2019

Big life moments tend to come with a big life price tag. Our new series “Asking for a Friend” takes an inside look at women conquering their goals...without draining their bank accounts.

How I Budgeted for a New Baby

New family members come with new experiences (cough, sleep deprivation, cough). And a LOT of new expenses. Check out more of Andria's tips here.

I Paid Off $57K of Debt While Planning My Wedding

Breaking up with your debt is hard to do. So is paying for a wedding. But it’s possible to do both at the same time…without going crazy. Click here for more of Carmen's tips for tackling wedding expenses.

I Bought a Home in NYC Before 30

If buying an apartment was a race, student loans and ‘meh’ income would be two of the biggest hurdles. But you can clear them. Alexa K. did. Check out more of Alexa's story here.

I Froze My Eggs to Focus on My Career

Meet Vix. She froze her eggs so she could focus on her business baby before having an actual baby. See how she navigated the process – and what it cost her. See more of Vix's story here.

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