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5 Apps That Make Bill Splitting Easier

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April 8, 2022

Remember when group dinners meant you needed a calculator or pen and paper (no shame) to figure out who pays what? Not anymore. Thanks, technology. Because all you need is a bill-splitting app.(PS: Save the pen and paper for your vacation packing list.)

What’s a bill-splitting app?

It’s an app that makes it easy to divvy up group costs. Think: birthday dinners and friends trips. Some bill-splitting apps let you link a debit card or credit card for payments.

Which bill-splitting apps should I download?


Splitwise lets you track lending and borrowing over time. Use the app to create separate friend groups and divide what each person in the group owes. The balance fluctuates as payments are made to help you keep track of who’s paid. Payments can be made via Paypal or Venmo, or recorded manually. Oh, and it’s free.

Settle Up

If you’re traveling internationally, Settle Up can add the local exchange rate to your transactions. Does everybody owe a different amount? No problem. Settle Up can split payments evenly, or add different amounts for each person.

There is a free version.If you don’t mind ads.Or you can skip the ads with a premium upgrade for $1.49 per month. Which also lets you add receipt photos and customize app colors.


Another freebie. (The app, not the check.) It’s great for group restaurant trips. No need to ask the server to print separate checks.Just upload a photo of the receipt. Tab reads the items. Then make payments with Venmo. Or record cash payments.


Created to “split bills, not friendships.”Splid is great for group vacays. Especially since you can split your bills in over 150 currencies.And pay more than one person. Also free. (Psst…this is your reminder to try and get away. Because vacations are good for your mental health.)

Snap & Split Bill

Snap & Split Bill is another free app.Snap a pic of your receipt and divvy up the tab at restaurants and stores. It also organizes your receipt photos so you can review past transactions whenever you want.


Put the pen and paper down at your next group outing. Or your next international group trip. Because if you're looking for an easy way to split the bill, there’s an app for that. Or five.

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