Spend Smarter

Winging it. Not great for interviews, driving somewhere you’ve never been before, or making smart spending decisions. Think of a budget like GPS for your money: input your starting location and goal destination, and it’ll help your bank account get from Point A to Point B. We Skimm’d what you need to know to get into the driver’s seat.

Step #1: Get Started

Read up on why the ‘B’ word isn’t so dirty...and the parts of your paystub you'll need to actually make one. Then take the quiz to find out which budgeting method is right for you.

Step #2: Talk the Talk

You can probably think of a ton of excuses to avoid budgeting. Now, not speaking the language can’t be one of them.

Step #3: Keep Going

Sit down, make yourself comfortable...and learn more about what it takes to spend smarter.

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