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3 Budgeting Apps That Make It Easy for Couples to Manage Money Together

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April 20, 2022

When you’re in a relationship — and add another set of accounts to the household budget — things can get complicated. Which is why you should take a second to think about whether or not you’re ready to combine finances. Because it isn’t the best option for every couple.

Whether or not we combine our finances, how can we make managing our money easier?

Throw an app in the mix. There are tons of apps designed to help couples manage their finances together. Cue *sigh of relief.*

Great news. Now, I’m here for all the recs — what’s the best budget app for couples?

That depends on your top priority. Because budget apps aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Here are a few we like:


With this app, you and your partner can view all your accounts, credit cards, and loans. All in one place.Which definitely helps make managing your money easier.Did we mention it’s free?The downside: it can be a little buggy sometimes. 


This app lets you separate your money into different envelopes (aka categories). Which can be a great feature for couples who share big goals. Think: buying a house.And you can learn a few things about money management from Goodbudget’s in-app money courses. Heads up: You can’t automatically link accounts, so you’d have to manually enter your transactions. 

The free version comes with 20 virtual envelopes that you can use with one account and up to two devices per user. If you’ve gone joint. Or you can go premium for $70 per year for unlimited envelopes and accounts. And use the app on five different devices. 

You Need a Budget (aka YNAB)

Use this app to track every dollar that leaves your account. Literally. YNAB lets you link all your accounts, set up spending categories, then allocate every dollar to one of those listed categories.Which means you’ll both be forced to think about where your money goes.And it syncs with your accounts to monitor activity. Buh-bye secret online orders, hello financial fidelity. It’s one of the pricier budgeting apps, though: $99 per year. FYI: You can try it free for 34 days before you make it official.


Managing money together can be complicated.And sometimes a little overwhelming. Budgeting apps are a great way to keep track of your finances without breaking the bank.

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