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Money Worries Keeping You Up at Night? You Might Have Financial Anxiety

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April 13, 2022

That anxious feeling about money can result from tons of different factors. One way to deal with it? Plan ahead. Because having a plan can help make it easier to focus on eliminating your triggers for good.

Back up. What is financial anxiety?

It’s obsessing over your money. And how everything in your life impacts your finances. It might manifest in obsessive saving. Or feeling like a failure because of credit card debt.In some cases, it can lead to serious health issues. Like high blood pressure. In others, it can make just getting through the day an overwhelming process. Especially when it comes to facing credit card statements after a vacay.

Sound familiar? If money worries keep you up at night, chances are you’re dealing with financial anxiety. And you aren’t alone. Financial anxiety is a major issue, and burnout makes it even worse.

So how can I overcome financial anxiety?

There are a number of steps you can take to get a handle on your financial stress, starting with a budget.

Take control of your money.

A budget is your best friend. Experts say creating a budget is one great way to get rid of financial woes. That’s because it helps you feel more in control of where your money goes and gives you a handle on your spending and savings goals. So when things change (hi, inflation), you’ll be prepared to make adjustments.

Need help keeping track? Try a journal, or a budgeting app. And if you’re just getting into budgeting, getting to know the 50/20/30 rule might be a good place to start.

Face your financial challenges.

If past mistakes like too many credit card swipes have created debt, experts say it’s best to face them head-on. And don’t beat yourself up about it. Choose a debt elimination method and stick to it. 

Boost your income.

Sometimes more money can mean fewer problems. Taking on a part-time job is one option for bringing in more cash. So is another full-time job. But if you prefer more income with no burnout, here are seven ways to earn passive income. Hello, easy money.

What if I need more support to get a grip on my finances?

You can always partner with a professional. A financial advisor can help you set long-term savings goals. Or reach out to a credit counselor to talk about consolidating your debt or negotiating with creditors. You can also talk to a therapist.


Financial stress is about more than not having enough money. The good news: You can save and budget your way to a healthy balance for your money and your mind.

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