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How Heat Waves Can Affect Your Wallet

Jul 18, 2019

Extra hot temps don’t just make your AC and deodorant work overtime. Your wallet can get burned, too. Here’s how.

It’s harder to be productive. ‘Get sh*t done’ might be your normal work mantra. But crossing tasks off your to-do list gets a LOT harder in extreme heat. Even if you work in an office with AC. Experts say that when it’s really hot outside, employees’ first hour at work is less productive than usual (preach) and they’re more likely to make mistakes. As extreme weather becomes more common over time, decreased productivity can take a toll on company production. And the economy can suffer.

Your grocery bill might go up. Higher temps also make it harder for grains, produce, and other crops to survive, and can lower the supply of good meat and fish. Which can cause food prices to go up. Pro tip: Steer clear of those perfectly sliced peppers and pre-cut pineapple and DIY instead. Prepared foods can double what you pay for the exact same food.

Healthcare costs can spike. When heat waves hit, doctors see more patients dealing with dehydration, heat stroke, and other medical problems. From 2002-2009, Americans spent over $5 billion on heat-related deaths, ER visits, and hospitalizations. Hint: More H20, less alcohol.

theSkimm: Thanks to climate change, heat waves and other extreme weather are becoming more common. So look out for ways to protect yourself...and your wallet. Permission to stay inside and Netflix and chill (literally), granted.

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