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How Much Does an Abortion Actually Cost?

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September 29, 2022

Getting an abortion, no matter the reason, can be a difficult decision to make. And figuring out how much it costs can add to your stress levels. Because there’s no set price. What you pay depends on a lot of different factors, including which method you choose and where you live

How much does the abortion pill cost?

Not to be confused with a Plan B (an emergency contraceptive that prevents pregnancy), medication abortion (aka the abortion pill) ends your pregnancy with two pills instead of an in-office procedure. The cost hovers around $504. But you may be able to skip out-of-pocket costs if your insurance covers it, or if you’re eligible for financial assistance from an organization offering abortion funds.

How much does an abortion cost if it’s done in-office?

Before you do the math, you’ll need to research your state’s take on abortion access. Abortions are now a felony in at least a dozen states. But if you live in a state where abortions are legal or your employer covers all of your travel expenses for the procedure, expect your abortion cost to be $750 or less during your first trimester.

How much does an abortion cost after the first trimester?

The cost of an abortion can increase the later it is in your pregnancy. After the first trimester, prices can go up to $1,500. And could be even higher if you opt to go to a hospital vs. a clinic because they charge more for the procedure.

Will my insurance cover the cost of an abortion?

It’s possible. But with Roe v. Wade being overturned, there are a lot of gray areas. Some health insurance companies will cover a portion of your abortion cost if you choose a doctor in your network — but even that depends on where you live. Because a number of states restrict how much coverage insurance companies can provide for abortion services. If you’re unsure, reach out to your insurance provider for info about your coverage.

How much does an abortion cost if I have Medicaid?

Unless the abortion is related to sexual assault or life endangerment, federal funds can’t legally be used to cover the cost of an abortion. And even in those cases, you’d need to do some research because not all clinics accept Medicaid coverage. Your best bet: If you plan on using Medicaid, always contact the clinic you chose first to make sure it’s accepted.


With Roe v. Wade’s reversal, abortion access is more threatened and complicated than ever. Your move: Stay up to date on your state’s stance and resources like abortion funds. Because insurance may not always cover the costs. 

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