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5 Job Hunting Tips to Land Your Dream Role

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May 23, 2022

A job search is about more than just an application and cover letter. And having a game plan for your job search is especially important with how tricky the job market is to navigate right now. Read: It’s brutal out there if you’re competing for certain hot jobs.

How do I know which job to go for?

Before you start searching, take a moment to think about your dream job. Or at least a role that aligns with your strengths. Think: What comes natural to you? Then, instead of a general browsing session through search engines, use relevant keywords to find roles that will get you on the right path to your goals

Hint: To figure out which keywords would be most helpful for your search, focus on the specific role you want. This strategy will cut down on time spent weeding through non-relevant listings.

Where should I start my job search?

Job search apps let you send your resume from your phone. Because you don’t have to be glued to your laptop for hours to land your next interview.


Glassdoor allows you to search through tons of open positions. And find salary ranges for various industries. A good start to making sure you aren’t underpaid.   


LinkedIn offers an app job hunters can use to apply to dream roles. And network with potential employers and recruiters.

Got any resume tips?

Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying for. That means you may need to make a few changes or updates before submitting. Think: Is that summer job really related to the position you’re going for?

What else can I do to make my job search easier?

Put yourself in a position for employers to find you. As in, update your Linkedin profile to indicate you're open to work. And get (professionally) active on social media. Employers are often drowning in resumes when they post openings.

And sometimes, they choose to go for candidates who aren’t actively job hunting, but may take on a new role for the right reason. Read: salary boost. Getting recruited like that is a great opportunity to ask for (a lot) more, so make sure you negotiate wisely.

So networking is still a big deal?

Yep. Who you know still holds weight in the job market. Let your family, friends, and mentors know about your job search. On top of updating your LinkedIn and social media accounts, too. You never know who can connect you to your new role.


Job hunting can be competitive. That’s why it’s so important to create your own strategy. Oh, and who you know still counts, too.

PS: While you’re still searching, you can get ahead at your current job. Here are 8 Ways to Give Your Career a Boost Without Quitting.

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