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How to Prioritize This Summer

Prioritize Summer
Jul 22, 2019

The Story

True story: “Get sh*t done” is a Skimm HQ motto. But in the summer, that can be easier said than...well, done. To-do lists and summer Fridays do not mix well, but there are smart ways to clear work roadblocks en route to OOO. Because time is money...and wasted vacation minutes. 

How do I get it all done? 

Make a list, check it twice. Here are some tips to make your office hours time well spent, so that you can head to the beach sans stress. 

For when you don’t know where to start…

Pat yourself on the back. Write down tasks you’ve already completed and cross them off. This might seem useless but it can trick you into gaining momentum. Started from the bottom now we’re on a towel with a margarita. 

For when that project is overwhelming…

Break it up. Never list a big project as one single to-do item. Because it’ll loom too large and could cause productivity paralysis. Break the project up into a bunch of smaller pieces, like a cookie. You eat it all eventually but it feels better to take it piece by piece. 

For when you’re a numbers person...

Easy as 1-3-5. The 1-3-5 list is one of HQ’s favorite tips to make your to-dos work for you. We even wrote about it in our book. Here’s how it works: get one big thing, three medium sized things, and five small things crossed off your list. Start with the small stuff and then go bg. 

For when you wish you were important enough to just hire an assistant…

There’s software for that. If your company doesn’t have one already, try a task management system like Asana or to complete tasks and keep your responsibilities in check. 

That’s nice but there’s this thing called the Internet. 

Yes, the world wide web of distraction. The Internet’s not going away. But you can put up guardrails to help yourself ignore it and finish up projects strong. 

For when “work research” turns into a Wikipedia rabbit hole about ‘90s boy bands... 

Digital, digital get down. And by get down, we mean force your Internet down. The Freedom app makes it so that you can’t access the Interwebs for a set period of time. You might convince yourself you need the Internet for a project. Chances are, you can probably gather the info you need beforehand and then crank it out. 

For when you’re distracted by your inbox…

Procrastinate. Yes, smart procrastinating is a real thing when it comes to answering emails. Get Boomerang—a tool that sends you reminders to send that email...later. 

For when you’re scrolling through Instagram instead of working…

Stop, drop, and roll (your eyes). Take a screen break with the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 


If life’s a beach, your responsibilities are a tidal wave. Paddle, kick, and ride it into shore.

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