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Skimm'd from the Couch with Rebecca Jarvis

Mar 6, 2019

Rebecca Jarvis grew up with two passions: journalism and econ. As a teenager, she was even a reporter for a local kids’ program in Minnesota. But after school, Rebecca decided to go after finance. Years later, she decided to make a career transition and get back to journalism. Only this time, it wasn’t kids’ programming. Today, she’s the Chief Business, Tech, and Economics Correspondent at ABC News. On the couch, she talks to us about the time she was on “The Apprentice", how she made the switch from finance to journalism, and what she looks for in candidates now.

PS: Rebecca has her own podcast, No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis, where she interviews female entrepreneurs about what it takes to build their business empires. After this episode, check it out -- because Rebecca’s interviewing US this week.

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