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Side Hustles
March 19, 2021

The Story

A side hustle can help you bring home extra money without giving up the safety and security of your day job. It also instantly promotes you to boss status.

I like the sound of that, but I don't have any skills.

Think about what your fam and friends ask for your help with. Other people would probably be willing to pay you for that help. 

Freelance writing, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, and driving for ride-share apps are all popular choices. If you're full of hot takes, you could get paid to share your opinions in a focus group. If you can shop like it's your job, make it one. Some companies will pay you to tell them whether their stores are Covid clean or their employees are masked up. Know how to nail the perfect photo? Get that money shot by selling photography sessions.

Gym buffs can get certified and teach classes (online or IRL). Pet lovers can walk their neighbor's dogs. Makers can sell their homemade stuff on Etsy or Craigslist. You can also look for errands on sites like and TaskRabbit. Assembling furniture, picking up groceries, and cleaning (including contactless options) won't take up too much precious brain space. 

Any other ideas?

  • Set a schedule. Consistency can make you feel and seem more legit. Plus, setting limits helps you keep some sort of work-life balance.

  • Don't be shy. Add the news to your IG story. Text your fam and friends. Your network can be your first customers, then spread the word to their networks.

  • Run it by your boss. Some companies are sensitive about side hustles, especially if yours could be seen as competitive or too time-consuming.

  • Only spend money where you'll make money. You probably don't need swanky office space or billboard ads right away. Grow your business as the profits grow.

  • Save a little something for Uncle Sam. If you make more than $400 a year, you'll have to pay a self-employment tax. On the bright side, your side hustle could help you qualify for some deductions

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. 

A side hustle is basically a second job. It can help you turn your passion and talent into cold, hard profit on your own terms. But it will take work. You'll need to prioritize. (Psst...we Skimm'd how to balance your side gig with your main gig here.) And maybe sacrifice some weekends and Netflix binges. In certain cases, you'll also need to spend money to get started or take your gig to the next level.


Good things come to those who hustle. Boosting your productivity and net worth can free up the cash you need to save, pay off debt, invest...and treat yo'self every once in a while.

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