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Skimm Money: FB Data Breach, a Ketchup Shortage, and Building Credit

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Michele Rosenthal
April 9, 2021

Oh hey. We're back for week two of Financial Literacy Month, ready to bust another common money myth. Reminder: last week, we talked about why net worth is a better indicator of financial health than your income. This week, we're talking credit. And why you don't need to carry a balance on your credit card to build it. But first...

Headlines, Skimm'd

Make Good (Money) Choices

If you heard carrying a credit card balance is a good thing...

Don't believe it. Actually, that can lower your credit score. So getting this wrong could cost you money and hurt your reputation. The point of building credit is to show future lenders (that could approve you for a mortgage or car or biz loan) that you can be trusted with their money. You can do that by charging something on your card, and paying it off before the bill's due. No debt balance required. We Skimm’d a few more pointers on keeping your score up here.

If you've been thinking about a new job…

Start crafting your pitch. Think about the skills and solutions you bring to the (conference) table, and use that problem-solving power to get your seat. Because making it clear you're a fixer – not just a job seeker – can help set you apart in a competitive job market. Once you land the virtual interview, here's how to ace it.

If you believe time is money…

Save it. We Skimm’d 16 time-saving products that can make life easier. Like a veggie slicer that lets you skip the onion-chopping tears. And a self-watering planter that keeps your plant babies alive. Because getting those minutes back means more time for you to spend on whatever brings you joy (or more money).

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