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Skimm Money: The Robb Elementary School Shooting, Summer Spending, and ‘Slashies’

May 27, 2022

This week was full of mourning for the 19 children and two teachers killed at the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas. It was the deadliest elementary school shooting since Sandy Hook and the 27th school shooting this year. Some lawmakers — including those who’ve accepted campaign contributions from the NRA — are offering thoughts and prayers to the victims' families. While others are advocating for stricter gun-control laws. Here’s how you can support the community affected by this tragedy.

PS: Searching for the right words to talk about the news with kids? We asked an expert to share her advice.

Headlines, Skimm'd

Let’s Talk About…

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Summer Spending

It’s Memorial Day weekend, aka the unofficial start of summer. The weather’s nice, the pool’s open, and splurging can set in quickly if you take a vacation from sticking to your budget. Keep your summer spending in check by making a plan to save on…

Make Good (Money) Choices

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If you want your money to work harder for you…

Choose the right savings account. Good news: The Fed raising rates means the amount of interest you can earn on your savings could go up. If you have the right account that is. Spoiler: Not all savings accounts are created equal. Find the one that earns the most interest (aka your yearly reward for saving money) for you. And compare features like fees, minimum deposits and balances, and accessibility. Check out our guide to pick the best account for your savings

Bonus tip: Automating monthly or bi-monthly contributions (if you’re a Rory Gilmore-level overachiever) to your savings account can make your passive income even more passive. 

Crypto, Decoded

Last week’s crypto crash has skeptics saying ‘I told you so’ and stans mourning major losses. Some lost their entire personal savings. While others, like the co-founder of Ethereum, lost their billionaire status. But some crypto experts say, ‘keep HODLin’ on.’ Currently, Bitcoin is just below $30,000, which is where it was last summer before it spiked to an all-time high of over $60,000. And some still believe Bitcoin will hit six figures in 2022 — just don’t ask for an ETA.Economic uncertainty continues to make crypto, and all market, predictions tricky.

Skimm Her Career

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Meet Trisha Sakhuja-Walia, the CEO of — a website that shares stories from South Asian women to build community and empower those within it. And the founder of the Slashie Summit, an event that connects and celebrates ‘slashies,’ aka multihyphenates who include various side hustles in their professional title. She told us how she turned her own side hustle into a career…

I became a slashie when…I started to pursue writing for as a side hustle while in college. For more than five years, I wrote, edited, and managed contributors as a passion project, not realizing that one day I would quit the side hustle to take full ownership of the company, and eventually build a mission-driven ecosystem that publishes user-generated content, hosts community-driven events, and develops culturally driven products. 

Skimm more about how Trisha started BGM and her advice to slashies just getting started. 

Psst...this interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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