Get Rid of Student Debt

40M Americans have it. If you’re about to graduate, recently graduated, or have been paying off debt for’re not alone. A big part of taking control of your finances is getting rid of debt. We Skimm'd everything you need to know to say 'boy, bye' to monthly payments.

Step #1: Get Motivated

Get in the loan-slaying zone. Take the quiz to strategize your first moves. Then watch how one woman put good money habits to work to pay off a LOT of debt fast. Feel free to borrow some of her tips.

Step #2: Talk the Talk

Now that you've got a plan of attack, it's time to learn the language. So when you come across 'capitalized interest' and 'deferment' in a sentence, you're less 'WTF?' and more 'I got this.'

Step #3: Know Your Options

Get more As to your student loan Qs and make a plan for your next steps. Write them down. And a deadline to finish them. You’re bringing all the BDE (that’s big debt-paying energy) necessary to get this sh*t done.

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