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Watch SkimmU: Starting Your Side Hustle

Apr 9, 2021

In our third SkimmU course, we teamed up with Tonya Rapley – author, entrepreneur, and owner of Club Loofah – to walk through all your Qs about getting a side hustle off the ground. Like figuring out your most sellable skills, finding paying customers, and setting your prices. Check out the pre-coursework, then watch the recording above.


  • If you work full-time, make sure your main gig is cool with the idea of one on the side.

  • Validate your biz idea, pricing, and goals before you double down.

  • Keep your side earnings in a separate checking account.

  • An LLC could give you liability protection and can help separate personal and business finances.       

  • If you make over $400 with your side hustle, the IRS wants a cut.

The Starting Your Side Hustle course may be behind us, but you can put what you learned into practice by doing your post-course HW. Then check out our other classes.

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