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How To Put Your Finances First

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January 22, 2024

With the holiday season only just in the rearview mirror, it can be hard to get your finances back on track — and keep them there. 

So to help you stick to your $$$ resolutions, we’re breaking down three essentials that’ll help you get some positive momentum in motion.

• Look for free ways to put you first.

Deep breathing exercises, a homemade face mask, a 15-minute walk. What do these relaxing activities have in common? A lack of dollar signs.

Finding free forms of self-care can help keep your wellness — and your wallet — happy. So search the web for at-home options, or check your local Buy Nothing groups and newspaper listings for free events or supplies in your area. We’d bet there are some great (and underrated) resources hiding in plain sight.

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Pay for purchases over time.

Big-ticket items can make even the most meticulous budgeters sweat. But eligible Chase cardmembers can use My Chase Plan® to help curb that lump-sum sticker shock.

Whether you’re signing up for that art class you’ve been eyeing or building the home gym of your dreams, My Chase Plan® can help you break big credit card purchases into smaller, more manageable chunks. So you have more flexibility in getting everything you need to have your best year yet — while keeping your budget in mind. Talk about a win-win. Learn more.

• Change your comparison game.

Whether you’re saving for a big purchase or working toward more reps in the gym, it can be hard not to compare yourself to others. But comparing your own very real situation to your perceptions of others’ achievements (looking at you, social media) is a good way to make yourself feel worse, and it can even set you off course. Instead, think about yourself, what’s actually important to you, and the goals you’re working to achieve.

Try using your past to compare how far you’ve come, and your present as a baseline for your future progress, to lighten your mental load. Bonus: It might help you feel more gratitude, which can lead to greater happiness. Love that for you.

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