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How To Put Your Wellness First

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January 22, 2024

A new year doesn’t have to mean a new you, and working toward what you want isn’t reserved just for January. But we also heard the 8 in 10 millennial women who want to make changes to prioritize their health and wellness loud and clear.

So if “feeling my best every day” is on your 2024 bingo card, we’ve got you covered with three essentials that can help you hack your wellness habits — on your own timeline.  

• Work supplements you'll actually like taking into your routine.

Feeling your best is far from one-size-fits-all. Our goals are different, and so are our timelines. Whether your wellness work is well underway, or you’re just getting started and hoping to make some serious strides, adding a supplement to your routine can give you a boost. 

If you’re giving your gut some much-needed love, trying to get better sleep all night every night, reducing stress (because when is this not on our lists?), or all of the above, OLLY has just what you need. So you can have your feel-good-est year yet, no matter when you get started.

Break up with problematic products.

Not-so-news flash: What you put in (and on) your body impacts how you feel. But with labels longer than a CVS receipt, it can be hard to understand how your favorite items stack up. 

This app can scan the barcodes on your favorite food and beauty products and break down the potential health impact — positive and negative — of ingredients you may not have known were in them. Plus, if something you scan gets a low score, you’ll get suggestions for swaps. So you can be sure whatever’s on your shelf is the best of the best.

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• Get to know your chronotype.

Which is a fancy way of saying when your body naturally wants to sleep. Your chronotype depends on factors like your age, environment, and genetics. Understanding yours can help you build a schedule around when you’ll be most productive, and maximize the quality of sleep you’re getting. That’s a big deal, because getting good sleep is a major building block of both physical and mental wellness.

Need some help? This quiz compares different chronotypes to animals with similar sleeping patterns — goodbye, early birds and night owls; hello lions, bears, dolphins, and wolves. It's like if the Myers-Briggs and Harry Potter Patronus tests had a baby.

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