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Daily Skimm: UK Elections, Charges for Ex-NFL Players and a Lin-Manuel Miranda Trailer

UK Elections
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Dec 13, 2019


The Story

UK voters just gave Prime Minister Boris Johnson a major show of support.


Yesterday, voters hit the polls for a general election...and handed his Conservative Party a sweeping majority in Parliament. The win wasn't unexpected. But this was a landslide, on track to be the best showing for the Conservative Party in more than 30 years. And the worst for the opposition Labour Party in more than 80.

That's a lot of years.

Right – which is why Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he'll be doing some reflecting over what happened. He may not need to look far: many Labour members blamed Corbyn personally for the loss. He says he won't be leading the party into the next election.

So...what does this mean for Brexit?

That it might actually happen. Johnson had run on a campaign to "get Brexit done." Now he says the win gives his party a "powerful new mandate" to do it by next month's deadline.

Anything else?

Yup. A record number of women have been elected to Parliament – beating its 2017 high. Also, a bunch of seats just went to the Scottish National Party who's supported a second referendum on independence from the UK.


Johnson called for this election as a way to get Brexit through. It was a gamble. But his win seems to show that after multiple delays, voters want to make Brexit happen and move the country out of limbo.


What's got its own big vote coming up…

The House Judiciary Committee. Today, it's expected to vote along party lines to send articles of impeachment against President Trump to a House vote. This comes after the committee struck down five Republican amendments to the articles yesterday – one of which was an attempt to remove the article on abuse of power.

Skimm More: Here are all the next steps in the impeachment process.

What has people protesting…

India's citizenship bill. Earlier this week, India's Parliament passed a bill that uses religion as a way to determine citizenship. The bill was set up to grant citizenship to minorities facing persecution (like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and more) from three neighboring countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. But it excludes Muslims. Critics say it goes against the secular nature of India's constitution and could marginalize the country's large Muslim population. But India's PM Narendra Modi said the bill would "alleviate the suffering of many who faced persecution for years."

  • Taking to the streets: In the country's northeast, protesters turned out over fears that an influx of immigrants could change their culture and create more job competition. At least two people have died in the protests. The gov has imposed a curfew, shut down the internet, and deployed troops to the area.

What's keeping sports leagues busy...

These charges. Yesterday, the Justice Department charged 10 former NFL players for alleged health care fraud. This relates to a special insurance program that helps former NFL players get reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Helpful, since players can have expensive health care needs (think: joint replacement, cognitive health care). These 10 players are accused of taking advantage of the system – and submitting fake health care claims for millions of dollars' worth of medical equipment they never actually bought.

This policy. Yesterday, MLB announced it's removing weed from its list of banned substances for players. But also, that it will start testing its players for opioids and cocaine. Players who test positive won't be punished – instead they'll be referred for treatment. The new changes – expected to take effect next year – are apparently designed to focus less on drugs that are legal in parts of the country (read: weed). And more on deadly issues like the opioid crisis. The announcement comes after LA Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died from an accidental drug overdose of opioids and alcohol in July.

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