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Daily Skimm Weekend: Social Media, Elections, and Cold Drinks

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Jul 30, 2022

Meta Problems

Time is TikTok’ing: If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed a few new features. Like a full-screen feed. And an overwhelming number of videos from influencers and random accounts you don't follow. Those are just a couple of the recent changes from parent company Meta which made users revolt.

The Story

Before you deactivate, there’s good news. Meta’s walking it and other changes back. Mark Zuckerberg’s company rolled them out to compete with TikTok’s aggressive growth. But after backlash from some of its most influential users (hi, Kim and Kylie), the staff says it’s taking “a big step back” to “regroup.”


Right? It comes amid a tough time for the company overall. Last month, Zuck told its 77,000 employees, ‘some of you should see yourselves out.’ Now, staff are reportedly bracing for an “intense period.” Meta reported its first ever quarterly revenue drop this week — and its stock fell by 5% the next day. There’ve been major blows to advertising profits thanks to competitors. Apple’s recent privacy upgrade might cost Meta $10 billion this year. And there’ve also been blows to Zuck’s dreams, as the FTC moved to stop him from holding a monopoly on virtual reality. AKA the metaverse. Which pretty much appears to be Zuck’s main focus these days, even though it lost the company $2.8 billion in Q2.


More than 3.6 billion people use Meta’s products. That's almost half of humanity — which is why Instagram and Facebook, the company’s signature social networks, have seemed invincible at times. Now, some are saying Meta can’t compete. TBD if the company can stay relevant, in this world or a virtual one.


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Downtime doesn’t have to mean doing nothing. Here’s one idea for making the most of your weekend.

Feeling hot, hot, hot? Yeah, same. And unfortunately, for many in the US, that’s probably not going to change: Dangerous levels of heat will likely persist through the weekend and into next week in many parts of the country. But don’t sweat. Try these drinks to help beat the heat:

Eyes On: The 2022 Midterms

The midterm elections have a big impact on the policies that affect our day-to-day lives. So we’re here to help you Skimm Your Ballot. And Skimm what’s going on next week...

State(s) of Play: On Tuesday, August 2, there are primary elections in Arizona (Senate, House, Governor), Kansas (Senate, House, Governor), Michigan (House, Governor), Missouri (Senate, House), and Washington (Senate, House). And on Thursday, August 4, there are primary elections in Tennessee (House, Governor). 

The Talkers:

  • In Kansas, voters will be the first in the nation to cast a ballot on an abortion measure post-Roe. If the “Yes” vote prevails, the amendment would revise the state’s constitution to declare there is no right to abortion, which would pave the way for the GOP-controlled legislature to ban abortion access. And would affect state residents as well as out-of-towners, who in recent weeks have surged from nearby states with tight restrictions. 

  • In Missouri, Sen. Roy Blunt (R) is retiring — and both Republicans and Dems are eager to replace him. While Dems are choosing between a Marine vet and the Anheuser-Busch heiress, the field of GOP candidates is a bit more crowded.

  • In Arizona, the astronaut-turned-senator Mark Kelly is widely seen as one of the most vulnerable Dems. So all eyes will be on the tight GOP race to challenge him, which includes the state’s AG Mark Brnovich and venture capitalist Blake Masters, who’s endorsed by both his former boss Peter Thiel and former President Donald Trump. 

  • In Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D), is up for reelection. And a motley crew of Republican candidates are clamoring to challenge her. Meanwhile, in the House, Rep. Peter Meijer (R) is being primaried by his own party — after voting to impeach Trump.

PS: The results of these elections are up to the voters. Click here to learn more about how to make your vote count.

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