Back to School: C for Confusion

Sep 11, 2020

President Trump is in the hot seat this week regarding COVID-19. A new book - and some audio recordings - reveal him acknowledging the consequences of the virus behind the scenes while downplaying it to the American public. We’ll explain why this is making headlines eight weeks before the election. 

And: the West Coast continues to battle severe fires. This year’s fire season is already almost 20 times more advanced than it was this time last year. We’ll break down why scientists say there’s a link between climate change and the drier conditions that help fires spread. 

Also: back to school looks really different this fall. Think: less stress picking out your first day outfit. And more masks, confusion, and exhausted parents. 

Finally: if 2020 has you asking, what season is it anyway? You’re not alone. We’ll tell you why travel agents and beach towns are hoping this will be the year of the “endless summer.” 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Dr. Chandar Lewis, assistant professor in the College of Education at Jackson State University

  • Skimm’r Stephanie 

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