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Your Guide to National Absentee Ballot Day

Jan 1, 2019

The Story

In case you forgot, midterm elections are coming up. And you really should vote...even if it’s not IRL on Election Day.

What's the point?


Two words: absentee ballot

Is that common?

Yup. Just ask the more than 57 million people

Will my vote really change anything?

You bet. The last presidential election was decided by less than 100,000 people. So every. Vote. Counts. Also, midterms are known to have a v low turnout

Tell me how it works


*Excuse and no-excuse

*In-person absentee

*Permanent absentee


What's a valid excuse for a state that requires one?

For a detailed map of the state-by-state rules, see this.

Does it work like an in-person ballot?

Sign me up.

Great. First, you have to request an absentee ballot

telling the gov you want in. Once you get your ballot, you’ll want to fill it out and submit it ASAP. It typically needs to be postmarked before Election Day (or dropped off in person by Election Day), but each state has a different deadline. Find out yours here

You mentioned early voting?

Yup. Some states let you cast your ballot in person before Election Day. Wanna know if this is an option in your state? We got you


It’s part of your civic duty to make your voice heard and vote. Absentee ballots help make that happen. Get. It. Done.PS: Want to know how everything shakes out before and after the midterm elections? Subscribe to the Daily Skimm and we’ll keep you updated every weekday morning.

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