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Pete Buttigieg on the US-China trade war

May 8, 2019

The Story

One thing the next president will have to deal with: beef between the US and China.

But of course. Isn’t that boiling over right now?

Yep. Reminder: Trump doesn’t think China plays fair when it comes to trade. For a few reasons, including the fact that the US gov says China’s been stealing US technology and trade secrets. And that the trade deficit with China (the difference between how much the US imports vs exports) is way too yuuuge.

What’s he doing about it?

Started a tit-for-tat trade war. Both sides have been trying to negotiate a new trade deal. But Trump doesn’t like how the talks are going. So he upped tariffs again. To which China said, ‘right back at ya.’

I thought this article was about Pete Buttigieg.

We’re getting to that. Buttigieg one of more than 20 candidates running for president. We recently sat down with him to ask him how he’d approach the trade issues with China. He’s not a fan of Trump’s strategy abroad and says that America is “losing credibility” under the current admin. Listen for yourself:

Can you Skimm what his strategy would be?

More patience. Less Twitter. Avoiding threatening tariffs “without much of a game plan.”


The 2020 election is still a year and a half out. We’ll be bringing you more Skimm on Buttigieg, and the rest of the candidates, to help you make an informed decision at the polls. Stay tuned.

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