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Skimm This: Abortion Laws and Personhood, the SAT Adversity Score, Pricey Coffee

May 16, 2019

It’s May 16th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • This morning,Missouri's Senate passed a bill banning abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy. It comes after Alabama’s governor signed a law banning abortion in almost all cases. We’ll explain why these states are willing to put up a (legal) fight -- and how the concept of ‘personhood’ fits in.

  • The College Board announced today that they’ll give students who take the SAT an “adversity score.” We’ll tell you how this is supposed to work and what the endgame is.

  • A new study says a low-fat diet could decrease a woman’s risk of dying from breast cancer. Find out more about women’s health here.

  • And finally: If you thought $5 was a lot to pay for coffee … you’ve got another cup coming.

theSkimm: Missouri’s the latest in a line of states taking on a hot-button issue: abortion. State lawmakers across the country are passing bills restricting it -- and hoping the Supreme Court will give the OK. We’ll explain what role trying to define when a fetus becomes a “person” plays the whole debate. Meanwhile, the College Board will assign an “adversity score” to students taking the SATs. It’s supposed to give colleges more context about a student’s background and what hardships they’ve faced. We’ll break it down for you. Also on today’s episode: a new study found that women who followed a low-fat diet had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer, and a chart-topping caffeine fix.

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