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Skimm This: Russia Probe Inquiry, ‘Deepfakes’, and Dads

Jun 13, 2019

It’s June 13th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • The Attorney General has launched a probe into the origin story of the Russia investigation, which Republicans have been pushing for. And President Trump’s making comments that are making Dems think: he still hasn’t learned. We’ll explain.

  • Today, the House Intelligence Committee held the first congressional hearing about ‘deepfakes,’ those doctored videos that seem real. The alarming thing: AI experts said they aren’t really prepared to deal with them. We’ll break it down.

  • In a new poll, half of dads surveyed say they feel ‘dad shamed.’ If you want to give your dad or the dad figure in your life a shout-out: call and tell us about him at 646-461-6370. You may hear your voice on the show.  

  • And finally: a Stanley Cup champion has been crowned, which means the trophy ... goes speed-dating. We’ll explain.

theSkimm: Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped the mic a couple weeks ago, but Washington still has some unfinished business with the Russia investigation. The Attorney General has launched an investigation into the original investigation. Pre-Mueller. We’ll tell you more about it – and what it has to do with comments President Trump made on TV last night. Meanwhile, the House Intelligence Committee met today to talk about ‘deepfakes’ - aka manipulated videos that seem real. AI experts warned today: they’re not ready to detect them all. Also on today’s episode: a new poll about dads feeling ‘dad shamed,’ and the Stanley Cup’s post-victory journey.

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