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Skimm This: Immigration, Middle East Peace, and Women’s Soccer

Jun 24, 2019

It’s June 24th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • The Trump administration planned immigration raids on ten cities over the weekend -- but President Trump called them off after he reportedly got a call from House Democrats. Who are trying to pass bipartisan legislation to fix things at the border - where things are reportedly really bad right now. We’ll explain what’s at stake here. 

  • The Trump admin says it has a plan for peace in the Middle East – and it’s invited a bunch of world powers to an ‘economic workshop’ in Bahrain, which starts tomorrow. The idea is to invest big bucks in the Palestinian economy. But not everyone is RSVPing ‘yes.’ We’ll explain. 

  • The Women’s World Cup is in the knockout rounds, and the USWNT is already crushing it. The team beat Spain today in a nailbiter. And it’ll play France on Friday. 

  • And finally: the FDA approved a new drug to treat low sex drive in women. The drug’s nickname may sound familiar.

theSkimm: Immigration and Customs Enforcement was scheduled to target 2,000 families in raids across the country this weekend. But with hours to spare before the raids: President Trump called them off. For now. This is all happening amid renewed focus on conditions for migrants - especially kids - being housed at the border. We’ll break it down. Meanwhile, the US is giving peace in the Middle East another go with a two-day ‘economic workshop’ this week. But the Trump admin isn’t necessarily on everyone’s good side at the moment. We’ll explain why. Also on today’s episode: the USWNT is goals, and a new kind of ‘female Viagra.’

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