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Skimm This: ID Photos, Drug Prices, and Emojis

Jul 9, 2019

It’s July 9th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Georgetown University researchers found that the FBI and ICE are checking millions of  ID photos. Without getting people’s consent. And ICE agents are doing it in at least three states where undocumented immigrants can get a driver’s license. We’ll explain.

  • A judge said ‘not so fast’ to a proposed Trump admin rule that would make drug companies advertise their prices in TV ads. Right now, Americans pay more per year for prescription drugs than any other developed country. We’ll break what this ruling means. 

  • Former presidential candidate Ross Perot died today at the age of 89. He was a self-made billionaire who ran one of the most successful third-party presidential campaigns in US history.

  • And finally: if you thought emojis were all fun and games … come to order.

theSkimm: In a new study, researchers at Georgetown University say FBI and ICE agents are giving millions of people ID checks. Their focus: your photo. Congress never gave the OK on this. And now lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are saying ‘cut it out.’ We’ll explain why. Meanwhile, the Trump administration announced a new rule that would make drug companies advertise their prices in TV ads. This rule was supposed to shame drug companies into lowering those prices. But yesterday, a federal judge said ‘you can’t do that.’ We’ll tell you more. Also on today’s episode: the life of the late Ross Perot, and emojis in court.

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