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Skimm This: Jeffrey Epstein, Russian Missiles, Endangered Species

Aug 12, 2019

It’s August 12th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers won’t get to face him in court after his apparent suicide. Instead they’re left asking: how was this allowed to happen? 

  • Russia has people worried after a nuclear-powered rocket explosion. We’ll explain why information has been difficult to come by. 

  • The Trump administration says it will change the Endangered Species Act. Environmentalists and Democrats have promised to stop him. 

  • A team of scientists have helped recreate an ancient Egyptian perfume they say could have been worn by Cleopatra. 

theSkimm: Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide has left his accusers and the public demanding answers about why he was removed from suicide watch. We’ll explain why the federal facility that held him – and the Justice Department – are under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Russia keeps changing its story about a nuclear-powered rocket explosion that killed seven people last week. We’ll examine how Russia’s mysterious actions fit into a possible new arms race. Also on the show: the Trump administration is limiting protections for endangered species, and a new perfume claims to recreate the scent of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. 

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