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Skimm This: UN Speeches, Brexit Ruling, Lost Continent

Sep 24, 2019

It’s September 24th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Day One of the UN General Assembly meetings kicked off today, and we heard some big disagreements over how to tackle global problems. We’ll break down President Trump’s argument in favor of ‘patriotism’ over ‘globalism.’

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was handed a big political setback today as the UK’s top court ruled he broke the law when he shut down Parliament ahead of a big Brexit deadline.

  • It’s National Voter Registration Day and we’ve got all the details about how to make sure you’re on the rolls.

  • Scientists say they’ve found a long-lost continent buried under southern Europe. Meet: Greater Adria.

theSkimm: The UN General Assembly kicked into high gear today and President Trump urged world leaders to take a page out of his ‘America First’ playbook. UN chief Antonio Guterres had a slightly different idea of how to tackle global problems. We’ll compare and contrast. Meanwhile: the UK’s top court has thrown a wrench in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s political agenda, saying his move to shut down Parliament in the final weeks before Brexit was unlawful. Also on today’s show: it’s National Voter Registration Day, and step aside Atlantis – there’s a new lost continent in town.

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