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Skimm This: Trump and Ukraine, Juul CEO, and 'Apply Thru'

Sep 25, 2019

It’s September 25th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • President Trump is under fire for a phone call he had with the Ukrainian president, in which Trump encouraged him to investigate former VP Joe Biden. We’ll connect the dots between Trump’s receipts, and the reactions to them. 

  • The House impeachment inquiry now has the seal of approval from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We’ll explain what that means logistically.

  • The CEO of Juul stepped down, as more people are getting sick and dying from mysterious vaping-related illnesses. 

  • And finally: how McDonald’s is changing the job-hunting game. 

theSkimm: It’s the phone call heard ‘round the world: the White House released what it says is a rough transcript of President Trump’s controversial chat with the president of Ukraine. But not everyone is saying ‘case closed.’ In fact, some are saying ‘case wide open.’ Meanwhile: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her blessing to an impeachment inquiry. We’ll explain what that means IRL. Also on today’s show: a big-name e-cigarette company has a new leader, and McDonald’s has a new way to say ‘you’re hired.’

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