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Strike Three: Labor Unions, Netflix, and Twindemics

October 21, 2021
  • First up: We’ve got the latest on COVID booster shots, over-the-counter hearing aids, a breakthrough organ transplant, and a high-profile kidnapping in Haiti. 

  • Next: Congress’ January 6th investigation is picking up steam. We’ll break down what info they’re after, and why former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is coming up in all of this. 

  • ICYMI: It’s flu season again, and experts are warning about a “twindemic.” We’ll skimm what that could look like … in 60 seconds.

  • Then: Netflix employees staged a virtual walkout this week, after the streaming giant defended the release of a controversial Dave Chapelle comedy special. We listened in on Netflix’s earning call to figure out where the company really stands.

  • Plus: Workers are getting ready to walk all over the country, as labor unions prepare to strike for better pay, conditions and hours. We’ll look at why so many strikes are happening that this month has been dubbed “Striketober.”

  • Finally: We’ve spent the last year craving a vacation. And it seems like Saudi Arabia heard our prayers… although we can’t say hanging out on an oil rig is exactly our speed. 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

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