The She-cession Crisis: Policy Meets Reality

1 min read|Feb 23, 2021|fbtwitteremail

On this bonus episode of Skimm This, we're following up our interview with Vice President Kamala Harris by diving into a topic that's been on our minds for a while now: the “she-cession,”  a.k.a. how women have been impacted by the economic recession caused by the pandemic. 

  • First up: We’ll hear how about the difficulties two Skimm’rs are facing juggling parenting and work. 

  • Then: Our expert guests put those stories in context and share some of the other experiences they’re hearing about around the country.

  • Next: The panel reacts to the White House’s COVID relief proposal and discusses the difference between “band-aid” solutions and long-term economic reform.

  • Later: We’ll discuss the importance of paid family leave and whether a $15 minimum wage will get women back to work.

  • Finally: Our guests share advice and strategies for changing workplace policies to benefit parents.

Want to share your she-cession story? Email us at Or call and leave us a voicemail at (646) 461-6470.

On this episode, you’ll hear from:

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Skimm'd by Alex Carr and Luke Vargas. With additional support from Peter Bonaventure and Ciara Long.

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