Things to Bring to the Polls

No Excuses Merchandise

You’ve registered. You’ve stayed informed on the issues. You know every election is determined by the people who show up – and it’s almost time to do just that. We’re here to make sure they see you pollin’ in style, so we’ve partnered with some amazing female-founded companies to bring you limited edition No Excuses merch. Emphasis on "limited."

All of theSkimm's proceeds will go toward She Should Run, a nonpartisan charity that supports getting more women involved in politics, including getting them into office. You know what to do...

Terez No Excuses Leggings

For when you’re registered to vote…
It’s time to walk the the polls. We partnered with Terez to create limited edition leggings because we want you to run this country, literally. When we’re not exercising (our civic duty) in them, Skimm HQ can attest that these No Excuses leggings are great for things like attending rallies, having dinner party debates, eating apple pie, and more.

Bird + Stone No Excuses Bracelets
Courtesy Bird + Stone

For when you’re running out of time to visit the polls...
Bang(le) it out. Most states have laws that require employers to let their people take time off to go out and vote. Our
No Excuses Bird + Stone cuff is like tying a string around your finger to go out and do it, but better.

No excuses Swell

For when you feel like someone’s taking away your rights...
Get thirsty for democracy. Like mom always says, "Don’t forget to drink water...and vote." We partnered with female-founded S’well to bring you a custom reusable bottle so your patriotism never feels parched.

No Excuses Cuyana pouch
Courtesy Cuyana

For when someone asks whose team you’re on...
The Responsible Citizen’s team. Make sure you bring everything you need – like your ID or sample ballot – along for the ride with a No Excuses pouch from Cuyana. It’s the exact opposite of what politics is today. Hint: simple and streamlined. Psst…you can also get your hands on a No Excuses monogrammed bag tag.

No Excuses Bow&Drape

For when keeping up with politics feels like an Olympic sport…
Vote me in, coach. We partnered with female-founded Bow & Drape to create cozy
sweatshirts that’ll show everyone you mean ballot business.

Fourth of July Playlist - Spotify
Courtesy Spotify

For when you’re waiting in line for the next available booth...
Let freedom ring from your headphones. Whether your polling place is poppin’ or not, we want you to get excited before casting your ballot. It’s been a Party in the USA at Skimm HQ ever since we launched our No Excuses campaign, and resurfacing
this Fourth of July playlist has helped. Turn out for what.

No Excuses

For when you take the midterms personally…
Your state does, too. Now that you’ve got everything you need to hit the polls, check out our No Excuses page to get informed on the unique deadlines for your state.

PS: This is an affiliate partner and theSkimm’s proceeds will be donated to She Should Run

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