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Daily Skimm: Former President Trump said he’s been indicted again.

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President Trump at a campaign event


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Former President Trump said he’s been indicted again.


Again. Yesterday, 45 posted on Truth Social that the Justice Department indicted him on federal criminal charges for mishandling classified documents. Since November, a special counsel has been investigating Trump after authorities found over 300 classified docs at his Mar-a-Lago home. Investigators have been looking into whether the 2024 presidential candidate deliberately tried to avoid returning the docs, which are considered government property. Now, Trump is making history as the first former US president to face federal charges.

What happens now?

Trump said he’s expected to appear at a federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday. The DOJ has yet to confirm the indictment and press charges. However, reports say that Trump could face seven counts, including conspiracy to obstruct, making false statements, and violating the Espionage Act. Trump, who maintains he’s an “innocent man,” is getting the support of many Republicans. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said the indictment was a “sad day for America.” The White House declined to comment.


Former President Trump made history as the first president to be impeached twice and face criminal charges. Now, he could be making history again right at the start of his presidential campaign. It comes as Trump is the focus of at least two other investigations.

eyes on: voting rights

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld the Voting Rights Act in Alabama.

In a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS agreed that Alabama restricted voting access in its gerrymandered electoral map, which centralized Black Americans into a single district. The court said the state violated the Voting Rights Act because the map was racially polarized — especially since more than a quarter of the state’s population is Black. The justices also found that Alabama’s Black population is large enough to create a second district. Now, the court is demanding that Alabama redraw the electoral maps for 2024.

Redistricting is not only an issue in Alabama. States like New York and Louisiana could also see their district lines change before 2024.

and also...this

Where there could be new parental controls...

Louisiana. Earlier this week, the state’s lawmakers unanimously passed a bill requiring anyone under 18 to get parental consent before creating social media and online gaming accounts. The measure would also allow parents or guardians to nix agreements kids may have signed to access platforms like TikTok or Instagram. Now, the bill heads to Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA), who hasn’t yet said if he'll sign it. If he does, then the measure would go into effect in August 2024. It comes as other states like Utah and Arkansas have passed similar bills.

What’s raising concerns…

Forever chemicals. Earlier this week, a new study revealed that children whose mothers were exposed to PFAS during pregnancy are more likely to have a low birth weight and become obese later in life. The effects are similar to those associated with prenatal smoke exposure. Even though the toxic chemicals are hard to avoid, researchers say expectant mothers can reduce their exposure by doing things like filtering water and eating fresh foods.

…Oh and speaking of women, yesterday, a report found that women won’t reach pay parity with men until 2056, at the pace that we’re going.

Who's apparently partnering up…

China and Cuba. Yesterday, outlets reported both countries reached a secret agreement to establish a Chinese base on the island — about 100 miles from Florida. The base would reportedly be used to spy on the US by intercepting things like emails, phone calls, and satellite transmissions. American and Cuban officials said the reports are false.

While everyone's fighting through the smoke...

Shawn Mendes is singing through it.

Who’s saying ‘cut’ for now…

Tom Holland.

What’s leaving jaws dropped…

The Vanderpump drama.

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