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Read, Eat, Go: “Say You’ll Be Mine,” Chili Crisp Noodles, and Prince Edward Island


Happy Saturday. I’m still coming down from my post-eclipse euphoria (if you want to know how emotional totality can be, this video really says it all). This weekend, once I finally recycle my solar eclipse glasses at Warby Parker, I’m going to listen to Vampire Weekend’s new album and dig into the no-holds-barred Rihanna interview everyone’s talking about. You can also find me playing Puzzmo’s Typeshift game and solving USA Today crosswords, the latter of which have pop culture references that consistently make me feel seen. Usually, when a crossword clue mentions a specific brand, celebrity, or book, it’s a personal recommendation from the creator or editor — much like I gave in this message to you. My final rec? Check out the iconic looks Zendaya’s been serving on the “Challengers” press tour. She never misses. 

— Guest edited by Brooke Husic. She’s the Crossword Editor at Puzzmo…aka Skimm HQ’s new obsession.

Read: “Say You’ll Be Mine” by Naina Kumar

“Say You’ll Be Mine” by Naina Kumar


Cross “My Best Friend’s Wedding” with “Indian Matchmaking” and you’d get this swoonworthy debut novel. When Meghna’s ex-boyfriend, best friend, and unrequited love gets engaged — and worse, asks her to be his best man — she realizes he’ll never feel the same. Determined to have a plus-one for the big day, she agrees to meet a potential match picked by her parents: Karthik, a handsome engineer whose mom is committed to finding him a wife, even though he has no intentions of getting married. A fake engagement seems like the perfect solution to both their problems — until it becomes hard to separate what’s real from what’s not. We asked Kumar a few questions. Here’s what she had to say...

Q: The fake relationship is one of romance’s most beloved tropes. How did you put your own spin on it?

Kumar: I love the fake dating trope, but it’s such an over-the-top concept at its core, which is part of what makes it so fun. I really thought about the motivations behind entering a fake relationship. I was living at home with my parents, and they were having a lot of conversations with me about matchmaking and finding a spouse, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how [that] pressure might prompt someone to fake an engagement. It seemed like a fun, natural way to put a spin on this classic trope.

Q: Thanks to shows like “Indian Matchmaking,” arranged marriage has recently been in the spotlight. Did that influence your decision to put it at the center of “Say You’ll Be Mine”?

Kumar: It definitely did. I was inspired first and foremost by my own family. My parents had an arranged marriage, but things have changed a lot in the years since my parents got married. I think “Indian Matchmaking” showed the modern reality of matchmaking, especially in the diaspora vs. in India. I tried to capture some of that tension between tradition and modernity in the book, as well as the specific experience of being Indian-American.

Q: If “Say You’ll Be Mine” was turned into a movie or TV show, who would you want to play Meghna and Karthik?

Kumar: I love Simone Ashley and think she was brilliant in “Bridgerton.” I’m so excited to see more and more of her and think she’d be an amazing Meghna. And I’d love Sendhil Ramamurthy as Karthik. Or, maybe Dev Patel.

Q: You’re hosting your dream book club — who’s invited, what are you reading, and what are you eating?

Kumar: We’d probably read “Pride and Prejudice” and do a desi version of afternoon tea — chai, mini-samosas, and other snacks. I’d invite Jane Austen, of course, Ali Hazelwood (she’s the best, and I love any excuse to hang out with her), and Nikki Payne. Nikki writes fantastic contemporary retellings of Austen’s books, and I’d love to see her chat with Austen about them.

PS: Looking for a read that’s just as romantic, but a little steamier? Check out these hot and heavy recs.

EAT: Pan Fried Noodles with Chili Crisp

These 20-Minute Noodles Are Almost Too Easy


If you’re also a member of “The Cult of Spicy Chile Crisp,” you might’ve seen that the condiment is at the center of a very heated food fight. (If you haven’t, here’s the play-by-play.) Now, we don’t know that anyone should own the terms “chili crunch” or “chile crunch” but one thing we do know? The spicy, salty, crunchy condiment has a magical ability to turn any dish from good to great. Just take Pickled Plum’s Pan Fried Noodles with Chili Crisp. The less-is-more recipe already had a lot going for it (namely, crispy-yet-tender noodles), but add some chili crisp — and suddenly they’re the best ever.

The Time Commitment: Approximately 20 minutes. Meaning, it’s probably even faster than your go-to delivery or takeout.

Key Tip: Of course, the simplicity of this recipe is part of what makes it so appealing. But it’s also what makes it so easy to riff on. Want more veggies? Onions, carrots, mushrooms, and Chinese broccoli are all great options. Prefer more protein? Add beef or shrimp. Just make sure to prepare it separately, to ensure it’s cooked thoroughly, then pile it on top of the cooked noodles.

Other Takes: Just as the world of chili crisp has exploded (we’re partial to Lao Gan Ma and Fly By Jing), so have the different ways you can use it. Add it to soups and other noodle dishes, from Chile Crisp Spaghetti al Limone to Dan Dan Noodles. Spread it on chicken, salmon, or your favorite grilled cheese. Mix it into chocolate chip cookie dough for the ultimate spicy-sweet combo. Or, feeling even more adventurous? Drizzle it over vanilla ice cream — and thank us later.

GO: Prince Edward Island, Canada

The Tiny Canadian Island with Big New England Vibes


Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, Canada’s Prince Edward Island — aka, PEI — is where “Anne of Green Gables” took place. But that’s not why the picturesque province gets all the glory come spring and summer. Instead, it’s because of the lighthouse-dotted coastline, spectacular shores (there’s more than 90 beaches), sandstone cliffs, and quaint towns. Not to mention, lots and lots of fresh seafood.

🛏  First-timer? Just staying a few days? Consider making the capital, Charlottetown, your base. Specifically, the Sydney Boutique Inn & Suites, a 19th-century convent turned hotel, which includes 18 meticulously restored suites and apartments, featuring high-quality bedding and lavish marble bathrooms.

🚗 PEI is so tiny, it only takes about five hours to drive from end to end. That makes it easy to visit a few small towns in one day. We recommend following the idyllic Central Coastal Drive, which’ll take you to: Victoria-by-the-Sea, home to many talented artisans; North Rustico, a charming fishing village known for deep-sea excursions; and Cavendish, where you can walk in the footsteps of PEI’s most famous export (Anne) and learn about her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Canada's Prince Edward Island

🥾 You could traverse the entire province by foot, courtesy of the 435-mile Island Walk. But, full disclosure, it takes just over a month — so instead, tackle one of the 32 sections, like Mt. Stewart to St. Peter’s, which some say is the most scenic. (Worth noting: You can also bike here and on the equally popular Confederation Trail.) And spend a few hours at PEI National Park, which has striking dunes and memorable views.

🍴 Even if you’ve never visited PEI, you’ve likely tasted its culinary claim to fame: mussels. But there’s nothing like going straight to the source — particularly when that’s the lively, harborfront Blue Mussel Café. Also not to be missed? A round of freshly-shucked oysters at Sea Rocket Oyster House, a lobster supper at local institution New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, and at least one scoop from Cows Creamery.

plan together with new york life


Money: always on our minds, not as always on our to-do lists. Because figuring out where to start can feel like a chore in itself. So in honor of Financial Literacy Month (happening…right now), we’re sharing a few ways to get in the spirit — and on the right financial track: 

1. Start — or grow — an emergency fund, ideally enough to cover six to eight months of living expenses. Can’t swing that right now? Start with as little as $25 a month and work up from there. 

2. Take full advantage if your employer does a 401(k) match. Because you wouldn’t leave free money on the table. 

3. Protect your most important asset: your income. Read up on how here.

Ask An Expert Etiquette Edition

We asked you to vote on an etiquette question you’d like answered. The winner was:

Q: During my morning commute, I often run into the same coworker, who I don’t really like. Do I have to make conversation, or is there a way to do my own thing without being rude?

Man and woman on subway

“When I rode the bus or subway, that would be my time, [in which I could] read a book or listen to a podcast. If they’re close enough to say hi and you know their name, just say ‘Hi Jane’ or whatever … It’s a low bar to be decent and civil to each other. You don’t have to engage in conversation, even if they try to engage you. You just respond appropriately. In other words, if they [ask] how you’re doing, [just say], ‘Good, thank you,’ and then stop … When you don’t ask them something in response, you’re acknowledging what they said, which is the polite and civil thing to do, but you’re not engaging them by reciprocating … I also like to close the conversation and not just leave it hanging there, which seems kind of rude. Just say, ‘Have a good day,’ or something like that.”


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