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Four women are speaking out against comedian Russell Brand.

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SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy sits down with Russell Brand for a Town Hall at SiriusXM Studios on October 4, 2017 in New York City

Rustling Allegations

Warning: This story mentions sexual abuse, which could be triggering to some readers.

The Story

Four women are speaking out against comedian Russell Brand.

Tell me more.

Over the weekend, three British news outlets released a joint investigation detailing the accounts of four women who've accused Brand of rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse between 2006 and 2013. The abuse allegations stem from the peak of his career when he was an actor in Hollywood and held positions at BBC and Channel 4. One woman said Brand threatened to take legal action against her if she spoke about the assault in 2013. Another said she was treated at a rape crisis center the same day Brand allegedly raped her in his LA home in 2012. Brand, in an attempt to get ahead of the story, took to social media to address the allegations the day before they were published. 

What’d he say?

Brand denied the allegations and said there's an “agenda at play” to knock him from his alternative media broadcaster position. But it isn't the first time a woman has come forward against Brand. Another woman from the report said Brand groomed and raped her at 16 and that she reportedly tried to go to Brand’s literary agent in 2020 but was dismissed. Now, Brand's management is trying to backpedal. They believe they were “horribly misled by him” by Brand at the time. They've since cut all ties. BBC is “urgently looking into the issues” and Channel 4, where Brand worked as a presenter, said it found “no evidence to suggest the alleged incidents were brought” to their attention. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate tweeted, “welcome to the club.”


Harvey WeinsteinBill CosbyJeffrey EpsteinArmie HammerDanny Masterson. Now, Russell Brand — known for his risqué jokes — is the latest in a long list of celebrities who've been accused of sexual abuse and harassment at a time when women are increasingly speaking out against men who have abused their power and influence.

and also...this

Who chatted with someone other than Tucker Carlson…

Former President Trump. Over the weekend, Trump said it was his decision to challenge the 2020 election results. In an interview with NBC's “Meet the Press,” Trump said “it was my decision. But I listened to some people.” He said it was outside lawyers who helped him contest the election results, even though members of his administration said there was no evidence of fraud. Trump reiterated that he believes he won the election. The interview comes as Trump and 18 co-defendants face charges in Georgia for 2020 election interference. It’s not clear how Trump’s latest comments could affect the trials or be used in court. As far as 2024 is concerned, Trump is still eons ahead of the Republican pack in the polls. The next Republican presidential primary debate is next week in California, but no word if Trump will be in attendance this time.

Who’s getting called out…

Jann Wenner. Over the weekend, the co-founder of Rolling Stone magazine was removed from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s board (which he also co-founded). In an interview with the New York Times, the outlet asked why Wenner only interviewed white male artists for his new book, “The Masters.” He said Joni Mitchell didn’t “meet that test” to have deep convos about rock ‘n’ roll and that Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield “didn’t articulate at that level.” Now, he’s apologizing and said his comments “diminished the contributions, genius, and impact” of Black and female artists.

Who’s been acquitted…

Texas AG Ken Paxton (R). Over the weekend, the Texas Senate acquitted Paxton on all 16 impeachment articles. Earlier this year, the Texas House brought forward articles of impeachment against Paxton and suspended him from his duties for abuse of office, bribery, and improper influence. Despite the two Republicans who broke with their party to impeach him, the majority of his party stood behind him during the two-week trial. Now, he’s back on the job. The first item on his agenda: taking on the Biden admin.

Who read the room…

Drew Barrymore. Yesterday, the talk show host posted an apology on Instagram and shared that she's pausing production on her show. Last week, Barrymore got backlash after announcing “The Drew Barrymore Show” would be back on air as thousands of writers and actors strike in Hollywood. Jennifer Hudson is also pushing back her show’s premiere date.

Who’s not letting the dogs out…


Who ended Red Bull’s F1 streak…

Carlos Sainz.

Who’s not singing the same tune…

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert.

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